Office of the AVP for Basic Science

Internal Research Instrumentation Grants

Each year the Vice President for Research has an intramural competition for equipment. The proposals coming from the Health Sciences are first prioritized by Dr. Kaplan. Proposals must be submitted to Dr. Kaplan by ~May 1 such that they can be prioritized prior to the final May 15 deadline.

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In 2005 the Health Science's portion of the funding was used to purchase the following:

  1. Amino acid analyzer for the DNA/Peptide Core Facility - $75,300
  2. Injection microscope upgrade for the Worm and Zebrafish Core Facilities - $31,639
  3. High-speed centrifuge and microplate reader for the EEJ Building researchers, Matt Mulvey, Pathology - $68,545
  4. UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, CD spectrometer and upgrade for dynamic light scattering, Steven Kern, Pharmaceutical Chemistry - $75,000
  5. High speed camera for Nipkow Confocal Microscope, William Barry, Cardiology - $45,280
  6. Western blot quantitative imaging system, Michael Kay & John Weis, Biochemistry and Pathology - $45,000
  7. Gel-Imaging system with fluorescence and chemiluminescence capabilities, Jean-Marc Lalouel, Human Genetics - $23,921
  8. Upgrade of Cell Imaging Core confocal microscope for multiphoton excitation - $75,000

In 2004 the Health Science's portion of the funding was used to purchase the following:

  1. TIRF Microscopy System for Fluorescence Microscopy Core -$135,000
  2. ABI Model 3900 DNA Synthesizer for DNA/Peptide Core - $100,000
  3. Nanospray system for Mass spectrometry Core - $74,585
  4. FACS upgrade for Flow Cytometry Core - $136,800
  5. Leica EM UC6 Ultramicrotome for the EM Core - $39,060
  6. Upgrade and expansion of the transgenic/gene targeting mouse
  7. facility, Mario Cappechi, Human Genetics-$138,285
  8. Scanning Instrument for Research Questionnaires, Geraldine Mineau, Oncological Sciences - $ 33,315

In 2003 the Health Science's portion of the funding was used to purchase the following:

  1. ABI Prism 2730XL, 96 Cap DNA Analyzer for the DNA Sequencing Core-$250,000
  2. HPLC for the DNA/Peptide Core Facility -$64,379
  3. 2x Confocal microscope upgrade for the Cell Imaging Core Facility-$81,500
  4. Preparative Ultracentrifuge replacement, D. Winge, Internal Medicine-$89,978
  5. Centrifuge replacement and upgrade, J. Ash, Neurobiology & Anatomy-$40,000
  6. Zebrafish mutation screening facility, H.J. Yost/D. Grunwald, Oncological Sciences and Human Genetics -$49,120
  7. Automated state for a Confocal Microscope, CB. Chien, Neurobiology & Anatomy -$16,934
  8. Sample freezers for Autism and Tourette Syndrome Studies, W. McMahon, Psychiatry -$34,141
  9. MRI Facility for 3 Tesla MR Scanner, J. Taylor, Radiology (UCAIR) -$91,515
  10. LABORAS for Windows, Videomex Tracing System and Optimax Tracking System for automated behavior phenotyping of mice, M. Capecchi, Human Genetics -$66,719

These instruments were funded with the understanding that they would be available for use by all researchers on campus. If anyone experiences problems using these instruments, contact the Assistant Vice President for Research, Jerry Kaplan.