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To: Academic Deans and Chairs

From: Thomas N. Parks, Vice President for Research

Subject: Research Instrumentation Fund

The Research Instrumentation Fund will be available during the Current fiscal year. The fund derives from the University's indirect cost reimbursements, and is to be used only for equipment purchases and not for start-up funding.

Funds can be requested to support the replacement/upgrading of major sophisticated research instruments. Requests can also be made for new instruments. For large equipment requests, please list any duplicate equipment that exists within the college and where it is located.

The grant period is for one year only and funds must be expended before the end of the current yeat. Only in the case of unusual circumstances will a no-cost extension be considered.

Awards will be made on a competitive basis. Criteria that will be used to evaluate proposals include priority rankings from each college, likely impact of funding on scholarship and productivity, enhanced competitiveness to result from an award, increased extramural funding to result from an award, and other factors that demonstrate benefit to the University.

2012 Research Instrumentation Fund (RIF) Program

- Criteria for 2012 only -

For 2012, only core research facilities that meet certain qualifications will be eligible to compete for central equipment funds. To allow time for core facilities to meet the new standards described below, the due date for RIF applications has been extended to Monday, February 20, 2012.

To be eligible for central funding, core facilities must have the following characteristics:
1.A website (linked to the Health Sciences Core Facility website or other campus-wide core facilities website) providing basic information about the core facility, including available instruments and technical assistance, names of the core director and faculty oversight committee, user fees, and information about scheduling use of the facility.
2.All researchers at the University of Utah may use the facility
3.A recharge facility approved by the Research Accounting department
4.A sign-up process to reserve time on the instruments, with an open queue (i.e. first come, first served)
5.Everyone who uses the facility pays user fees and all on-campus users are charged the same rates
6.There is a faculty or staff person with responsibility for supervising day-to-day operation of the facility
7.There is an oversight committee comprised of at least three faculty members whose research programs use the facility. The oversight committee should have a chair and meet at least twice per year.

To apply for recognition as a qualified core research facility, please submit the following information in PDF format to the Core Facilities Executive Committee c/o The current Core Facilities Executive Committee members are Profs. Bradley Cairns, Jerry Kaplan, Joel Miller, and Florian Solzbacher and the committee is chaired by the Vice President for Research.
1.Name of the facility
2.Technical descriptions of the instruments and services available
3.Names of the supervising faculty or staff person (core director) and at least three faculty users who have agreed to serve as an oversight committee for the facility
4.Best available inform ai ton about users and hours of usage of the facility during the past year
5.The facility's current (FY12) budget, listing separately all sources of income/funding and the budgeted expenditures for personnel, service contracts and other maintenance costs, expendable supplies, and equipment over $1000.

The Research Instrumentation Fund Committee consists of:

Vice President for Research (Chair)

Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

Senior Vice President for Health Sciences

Dean of the Graduate School

Chair, University Research Committee

The application is available on the following web site: Applications must be submitted to the respective deans office by February 20, 2012.

Please supply the faculty in your area with this information.