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BioImmersion, BioInnovate, BioVenture, Pierre Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute


BioImmersion is a ten-week program offered to bioengineering and design undergraduate students each summer. Small teams of four to six combine students from the two fields of study and immersed in the clinical environment. The teams observe patient consultations, diagnostic procedures, treatment planning, and surgical procedures. The students work together to understand and solve problems they see in the clinic and develop unique solutions to the difficulties facing physicians and patients today.

BioImmersion is open to ten bioengineering and design undergraduates who have already honed their collaborative skills in the BioDesign or Honors Think Tank programs. More akin to an entrepreneurial environment than a typical classroom, the teams are expected to take on their clinical responsibilities independent from course instructors. They are responsible for coordinating the logistics of getting into the hospital, arranging meetings with doctors, nurses, and technicians, and coordinating team efforts and follow-up. We’re working the same way that engineers and designers are in today’s industry.


BioInnovate is a fully-accredited Master of Bioengineering degree track that aims to provide a comprehensive biomedical device design and entrepreneurship training program through the use of a multidisciplinary, hands-on teaching approach in classroom, clinical, and laboratory settings. BioInnovate builds on a collaborative relationship between the College of Engineering, School of Medicine, School of Business and Tech Ventures to create a unique interface that moves new ideas towards development and commercialization.

The program groups graduate and post-doctoral students into teams of four to six. Each team is then given the resources and education to take their innovative ideas from conception to production. Students and fellows from engineering, medicine, business and law backgrounds will be trained in clinical problem identification, medical device innovation, and commercial translation; all within the regulatory framework of the FDA. Students will immerse themselves within clinical environments and learn to observe procedures, the utilization of medical devices, and interact with patients and clinicians to uncover unmet clinical needs.

Using the expertise of faculty in The School of Medicine, College of Engineering, School of Business and Technology Venture Development the students will translate these unmet needs into medical device concepts that will be refined for commercial potential. Once final concepts have been generated, student teams will further develop these ideas into testable prototypes and develop business plans.

Upon completion of the BioInnovate track, students should be able to observe and identify unmet needs in clinical environments; work effectively in multidisciplinary teams; understand and apply FDA QSR in the design and development of medical devices; and finally, develop a business plan, attract potential funding sources, and start a company in the medical device industry.


The University of Utah David Eccles School of Business is partnering with the Center for Innovation within the University of Utah Health Sciences to offer this BioVentures program which provides a detailed guide to the life science product development process, from conception to commercialization.  

Whether taken for a certificate of completion, or as part of a focused elective track for any of our current MBA offerings, these courses offer knowledge and skills in biodesign from beginning to end.

Every class includes:

  • Lectures by award-winning faculty
  • Real-world case study analysis
  • Seminars by leaders in the field

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