Educational Programs

There are many different ways for students to become involved in all aspects of innovation and commercial development at the University of Utah. Through a myriad of educational programs, research, competitions, and direct involvement on projects, students gain in-depth experiences that have a positive impact on the University’s commercialization efforts and give them a head start in the job market.

A research/teaching dynamic provides valuable opportunities for students to grow skills and competencies unavailable in traditional classroom environments. Students who are involved in the commercialization process are able to more firmly grasp the concepts of the field they are studying, as well as other academic subjects, such as writing, statistics, and computer skills.

Students who work with faculty on research projects and innovation also hone numerous cognitive skills, including analytical and critical thinking abilities, organizations skills, experience working with deadlines, public speaking skills, and the ability to form thoughtful questions. Perhaps the most poignant benefits of student research, however, are those that occur at the personal level. Student participants report increased enthusiasm for the learning process, relationships with faculty mentors, consideration of ethics, emotional maturity, and self-confidence.

Benefits include:
Ability top analyze data
Ability to develop clear research ideas
Improvement to math skills
Ability to ask effective research questions
Improved teamwork skills
Improved time management skills
Development of leadership skills
Ability to cope effectively with deadlines
Increased comfort with statistics
Improved writing ability
Opportunity to manage and troubleshoot
Influence on decision to attend graduate school
Application of ethical principles to actual research situations
Development of one-on-one relationship with a professor
Improved interpersonal communication skills
Increased self-confidence