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BioVentures is an executive-level education program in medical device innovation and entrepreneurship. The candidates for this formal certificate program will hold an advanced degree in medicine, engineering, business or law, or will hold an executive-level position at in the medical device industry.

BioVentures is a six-week program taught by academic and industry leaders in medical device innovation. The course begins with a three-day intensive offsite program where critical elements of the successful innovation process are covered through a combination of formal didactics, real-world experiences and training exercises. The remaining five one-week blocks will devote one and one-half total days to cover critical steps in the innovation process. The five one-week blocks are not consecutive, but spaced-out over a three month period to allow for additional reading and project development between sessions. Emphasis is placed on identifying unmet clinical needs, ideation and brainstorming, team development, concept generation and selection, market and stakeholder analysis, intellectual property, the FDA regulatory process, research and development strategies, design requirements, prototyping, design verification and testing, reimbursement strategies, business and financial planning, angel and venture capital funding and business negotiations.

Successful completion of the program results in a formal certificate in medical device innovation and entrepreneurship from the University Of Utah School Of Medicine.