Before Stephen Jacobsen, a distinguished professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and president of the Sarcos team, there were no waving fountains at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, no believable robot rides in Disneyland and Universal Studios, and no “Iron Man’ movie.

Jacobsen makes imagination come to life and can claim over 200 patents to prove it. Furthermore, Jacobsen and his team’s inventions extend well beyond the entertainment industry. From the bioengineering of artificial limbs and organs to strategic defense, Jacobsen has proven to be a prolific engineer, inventor, and innovator, and has received numerous honors and recognition for his innovative work.

When not inventing, Jacobsen is commercializing. He founded the Center for Engineering Design at the U, along with multiple companies, including Motion Control, Iomed, Sarcos (now Raytheon-Sarcos), Micro-Drugs, I-Port, Micro JEct, Precision Vascular, Intelligent Microinfusion, Sarcos Microsystems, and Sterling Research. These companies employ over 200 Utahns.

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