for faculty


The University of Utah has gained a reputation as one of the best places for faculty research, innovation, and entrepreneurship. The Center for Medical Innovation helps to foster an environment where faculty entrepreneurs thrive. The Center provides resources and support to faculty members interested in taking their ideas and research from the laboratory into the commercial sector.

At the University of Utah, ideas are everywhere, leading to innovation and technological advances. As the creators of new knowledge, faculty should be on the vanguard of commercialization. Why? Because there are numerous benefits when University technologies are successfully commercialized. The public benefits through job creation, as well as the introduction of innovative and life-saving products and services. The University, its researchers, and students benefit from commercialization revenue that provides critical funding for research, student scholarships, and infrastructure such as labs and equipment. And of course, researchers who engage in technology commercialization have the potential for financial reward—both for themselves and for their colleges and departments.