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University of Utah research continues to improve the human condition. A large percentage of research projects aim to solve specific and practical problems and yield solutions that may otherwise be unattainable. These solutions have become more important than ever. Not only have research advances improved the way we live, they have fundamentally changed the worldwide economy. Intangible information and technology now are worth more than many tangible resources and manufactured goods.

It’s worth noting that many Utah businesses pulsate with energy infused into them from university-based discoveries. Companies like Myriad Genetics, Theratech, Evans & Sutherland, Hyclone, WordPerfect and Iomega are just a few examples of companies whose establishment as international powerhouses relied on innovations coming from Utah’s research universities. More recently, startups including Elute, Inc., IBiologics, , Lazarus Medical Technologies, Salarius Pharmaceuticals, and Veristride are developing into highly successful and profitable companies.

Specialized knowledge is becoming a necessity, and creating that capacity requires investment. Without sufficient research infrastructure and top-notch talent, no university can serve as the hub for knowledge-based economic growth. With that investment, though, comes great opportunity. Investments in knowledge infrastructure offer transformational opportunities that rework the very nature of a region’s economy and its contribution to the global economy.