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There are millions of reasons to get involved with innovation and the University of Utah. One of the most important comes from the fact that millions of those reasons often end up in your bank account.

Throughout history, research universities have produced much of the world’s basic and practical knowledge. Newton’s Laws, electricity, chemistry, the periodic table, quantum physics, genetics, and information technology are examples of areas that were advanced in large part by institutional research. Academic scientists have always been motivated by the quest to push the frontiers of knowledge.

University-based research results have led directly to technologies and innovations that enable faster and more reliable transportation, more effective communication, healthier living, and other benefits that are now considered essential parts of daily life. These technologies enter the marketplace through research collaborations with industry, licenses, and university-driven efforts to turn new ideas into start-up companies.

In today’s economy, rapid growth has been and will continue to be in the high-technology sector. High-tech has doubled its share of the U.S. economy over the past 25 years. Investors that make a commitment to high-tech firms will be the ones to succeed and thrive.