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Technology & Venture Commercializtion Office

The Technology & Venture Commercializtion Office (TVO) is a recognized leader in transforming new ideas into practical, commercially viable products and services. One of the TCO's goals is to provide process support services to companies and universities to help them successfully commercialize their intellectual property. We believe that providing these services will facilitate the growth of resources and deals in such a way that it will create a hub of creative commercialization for the city, state and region around the University of Utah.

Eccles Health Sciences Library Innovation Resource Guide

This resource guide lists videos, books, web tools and software to help with concept generation, prototyping, implementation and more. Find people at the University of Utah to help with literature and patent searching, business and marketing research, information visualization, molecular biology resources, intellectual property, and other topics relevant to innovation.



Instructions for filing an Invention Disclosure Form

Confidential Invention Disclosure

Confidential Invention Disclosure (software)