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The Bench-to-Bedside competition is an exciting and vibrant program designed to introduce medical students, engineering students and business students to the fascinating world of medical device innovation.

The Bench-to-Bedside program began as a beta-test for the BioInnovate program, but has quickly become our most popular and dominant student program. Student teams form into multidisciplinary “start-up” companies and are given the task of identifying an unmet clinical need. Teams are given access to over 100 University physicians from a broad area of specialties to serve as their consultants, key opinion leaders and stakeholders. The teams have six months and a $500.00 development fund to develop medical device concepts that address their identified need. In that six-month time period students will have evaluated the IP landscape, prototyped their design and constructed a business plan.

The program culminates in a formal presentation of all team projects at an annual awards competition. The event draws participation from faculty physicians, residents, industry leaders, venture capital firms and the highest echelons of the University leadership. The team projects are evaluated and scored for business strategy, design quality and healthcare impact by a VIP panel of judges. The top teams are awarded over $70,000 in prizes intended to provide initial funding to support further project development.

The enthusiasm for the Bench-to-Bedside has been remarkable from its inception. In the first year of the competition, over 100 students participated, forming 14 entrepreneurial teams. The creativity and “out-of-the-box” thinking shown resulted in very unique design concepts, several of which are currently heading toward commercialization. In previous years, the Bench-to-Bedside competition has drawn a pool of over 180 students and nearly half of the entire first, and second-year medical school class.

All 2013-2014 B2B Competition Videos are listed below. They can also be found on the Bench-to-Bedside University of Utah YouTube Channel. To change the quality settings of the videos, please select the gear icon near the bottom right corner of each video.

If you have been asked to be a video judge, but have not received the judging form please contact us at

All judging forms must be submitted by April 6, 2014 at 11:59 pm. 

Judging Guidelines and Overview: 

Pre-judging Video = 1/2 Judging Score; Competition Night Judging = 1/2 Score 
Grand Prize = Highest combination score of Medicine, Engineering, Business, & Consumer’s Choice
Runner Up (2) = Next highest combination score of Medicine, Engineering, Business, & Consumer’s Choice
All teams will be judged for Medicine, Engineering, Business, & Consumer's Choice Awards.

2013-2014 Videos:

Team 1 - 6S Medical LLC/Troclosure™

Team 4 - TriagePro

Team 5 - Hide-A-Fix

Team 7 - Just Relax

Team 8 - CHIMP

Team 9 - +Elegance

Team 16 - Cervical Scope

Team 17 - Insta-Chair

 Team 19 - 3MEDx

Team 20 - Retinal Permeability Device

Team 21 - TRECC

Team 24 - PercVac

 Team 25 - StreamDx  

Team 26 - OsteoGenesis™

Team 27 - Anasta) (Guard™

Team 29 - 3D Surgical Stereo-Microscope 

Team 31 - Handy Habits

Team 32 - Thermotoscope

Team 34 - Navitas

Team 35 - Oculus Medical Viewer

Team 37 - I.V. Wrangler

Team 39 - Lighted Trocar

Team 40 - GameTime Medical (GT/M)

Team 41 - Penephriend

Team 43 - S3

Team 44 - SENSA-ICP sensor

Team 45 - Balloon Lock

Team 46A - A.I.R. (Abdominal Insufflation Rescuer)

Team 46B - HUVI (Hand-powered Ultra Violet Irradiator)

Team 48 - LuerLite

Team 50 - Mechanical Syringe

Team 51 - PRO-MD

Team 54 - ExamSnap

Team 57 - FeControl

Team 58 - InSpeculator

Team 59 - hydraMD

Team 60 - BlueSeal

Team 62 - CapnoGO

Team 63 - KidneyGuard

Team 65 - Protect the Elderly from falls

Team 66 - Vitaboard

Team 68 - Anti-infective Intraocular Needle

Team 70 - Dyna Dialysis

Team 71 - MPIDs

Team 74 - Rox Rap

EAE/Software Teams

Global Health Teams

Green Teams

Sex & Gender Differences Teams

4 TriagePro

7 Just Relax


25 StreamDx

34 Navitas

35 Oculus Medical Viewer

40 GameTime Medical

41 Penephriend

44 SENSA-ICP Sensor


57 FeControl

59 hydraMD

63 KidneyGuard

65 Protect Elderly from Falls

70 Dyna Dialysis

1 6S Medical LLC/Troclosure™

4 TriagePro

5 Hide-A-Fix

7 Just Relax


16 Cervical Scope

17 Insta-Chair

19 3MEDx

20 Retinal Permeability Device


24 PercVac

25 StreamDx

29 3D Surgical Sterio-Microscope

31 Handy Habits

32 Thermotoscope

39 Lighted Trocar

41 Penephriend

43 S3

45 Balloon Lock

46A A.I.R.


48 LeurLite

50 Mechanical Syringe


54 ExamSnap

57 FeControl

58 InSpeculator

60 BlueSeal

62 CapnoGO

63 KidneyGuard

65 Protect the Elderly from Falls

66 Elan

70 Dyna Dialsys

71 MPIDs

74 Rox Rap

4 TriagePro

5 Hide-A-Fix

7 Just Relax

27 Anasta) (Guard

37 I.V. Wrangley

41 Penephriend


48 LuerLite


57 FeControl

62 CapnoGO

63 KidneyGuard

70 Dyna Dialysis

71 MPIDs

74 Rox Rap

1 6S Medical LLC/Troclosure™

5 Hide-A-Fix

7 Just Relax


16 Cervical Scope


25 StreamDx

41 Penephriend

45 Balloon Lock

50 Mechanical Syringe


57 FeControl

58 InSpeculator

68 Anti-infective Intraocular Needle

70 Dyna Dialysis

71 MPIDs

74 Rox Rap

Note: For medical students, participation in the Bench to Bedside competition qualifies for the medical student scholarly activity requirement. Please see the specifics here:

2014-2015 Timeline

Concept Generation Phase (September - December)

23th: from 6-8pm: Bench to Bedside Kickoff Event, Spencer Fox Eccles Business Building, Room 7180

7th from 6-8 pm: Health Sciences Kickoff Event, Health Sciences Education Building (HSEB), Room 1750
8th from 6-8 pm: Engineering Kickoff Event, Warnock Engineering Building (WEB), Room Catmull Gallery
9th from 6-8 pm:  Business Kickoff Event, Spencer Fox Eccles Business Building, Room 7180
16th from 5:30-7:00 pm: Idea Generation Workshop, Health Science Education Building (HSEB), Room 1750
30th from 6-8 pm: Meet the Mentor Event, Team Pairing with the Industrial Board, Spencer Fox Eccles Business Building, Room 7180
20th from 5:30-7:00 pm: Patents & Prior Art Workshop, Health Sciences Education Building (HSEB) 1750

Prototyping/Product Development Phase (January - April)

5th from 5:30-7:00 pm: How to Prepare for upcoming competition night, HSEB 1750
*DISCLAIMER: These dates are subject to change
*See Forms Tab, for more specific on document due dates.

Forms & Due Dates:

Due March 17, 2014:

  1. Patent Documents (choose one of the following three options)
  2. Schedule a session with B2B videographer. This video will be an important part of prejudging. You will have three minutes to cover the information listed in the following outline:

Due March 31, 2014:

  1. 300 Word Abstract - B2B Abstract Template
  2. Annotated Bibliography - B2B Annotated Bibligraphy Template
  3. Engineering Documents - B2B Marketing Requirements Template, B2B Device Specifications Template

Competition Night - Utah State Capitol, 6-9 pm, April 9, 2014

Judging Rubrics 

Useful Forms:

How you can contribute:

Reimbursement (Prototyping & Expenses):

Prize Money and Awards

Milestone (Seedfunding)

B2B 2013-2014 PRIZES


Grand prize ($15,000) - awarded to the team that represents the very best of the Bench to Bedside competition. They will have excelled in all areas of the competition and represent the best in business, engineering, and medicine.

(2) Runner up Award ($10,000) - presented to the two teams which overall had outstanding projects and deserve top recognition for their efforts in all areas on the competition.

Best EAE Award ($5,000) - given to the team for the most outstanding achievements in the field of EAE. The award will go to the team that has shown the greatest achievements in their EAE design, proof of concept, and deliverables.

Best in Engineering Award ($5,000) - given to the team for the most outstanding achievements in the field of Engineering. It will go to the team that has shown the greatest scientific and engineering achievements in their design, proof of concept, and deliverables.

Best in Business Award ($5,000) - given to the team for the most outstanding achievements in the field of Business. The award will go to the team that presents the best pre-business plan and marketing strategy for taking their project to a higher level.

Best in Medicine Award ($5,000) - given to the team for the most outstanding achievements in the field of Medicine. The award will go to the team that has the greatest positive impact on physicians and patients.

Best Global Health Award ($5,000) - presented to the team whose device best addresses the health care needs of the developing world. They will embody the true spirit of humanitarianism and entrepreneurship.

Best “Green” Award ($5,000) - presented to the team that shows the largest positive impact in “Green” technology and/or resource management.

Consumers Choice Award ($5,000) - judged by potential consumers and users of the medical devices. The award is given to the team who best designed their project with the user in mind.

Sex and Gender Differences Award ($1000) - judged by the Library Innovation Team. The award is given to the team who best incorporates sex and gender differences into their project. The winning team will have addressed how sex and gender affect health (devices, drugs, user experiences).

2013-2014 Leadership Team


Patrick Loftus
Patrick graduated from the University of Utah with an HBS in biomedical engineering and a minor in chemistry. Since the inception of B2B, Patrick has served as an Engineering Chair, Health Sciences Chair, and Jr. Vice President.  As a two-time competitor, Patrick’s B2B teams have been awarded the grand prize for their cervical biopsy device and the best Entertainment Arts and Engineering Award for their pediatric diagnostic company – TeddyCare. Patrick’s current interests include exploring the fields of pediatric cardiothoracic surgery, fly fishing, gardening, and spending time with his baby girl, Elodie, and wife, Hikari. He is currently a medical student at the University of Utah.

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Vice President

Craig Elder
Craig Elder is a second year medical student at the University of Utah School of Medicine.  Originally from South Jordan, UT, Craig graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in Political Science.  Prior to medical school Craig was involved with research focusing on Latin America and Political Revolutions as well as in basic science studying nuclear envelope assembly and its role in cancer at Huntsman Cancer Institute.  He remains actively involved in local and state politics as well as several community organizations.  He currently volunteers as program director and medical staff for The Foundation for Children and Youth with Diabetes.  Craig became involved with medical device development last year working on designing and prototyping a novel epidural stylet to aid anesthesiologists in pain management.  He served as the medical student representative prior to his appointment as Vice President of Bench to Bedside.

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Committee Coordinator

Nate Rhodes
Nate recently received with his Bachelor’s degree of Russian Linguistics and minors in Chemistry and Pediatric Clinical Research. He is currently working on a Masters in Biomedical Engineering and plans to enter Medical School in 2014. His research interests and publications are related to cardiac electrophysiology and Lumbar puncture positioning in febrile infants. Nate has been involved with Bench to Bedside since its beginning as both a two time competitor and last year as one of the Engineering Chairs. With his co-inventors, Nate invented and recently applied for a patent on a catheter disinfection system using visible light technology. He credits Bench to Bedside for inspiring him to combine his love of building and desire for helping people into a lifelong passion. In his free time Nate enjoys reading Russian novels, photography, snowboarding, rebuilding his 1970 Chevelle or spending time with his wife Latoya.

Contact Nate

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Graduate Engineering Chair

Katie Sciuto
Katie is currently pursuing a PhD in Bioengineering at the University of Utah, specializing in cardiac electrophysiology and biophysics.  She is originally from Alaska, but moved to Utah ten years ago to follow her dreams of making the US Ski Team in freestyle aerials, along with becoming a professional stunt woman.  Upon accomplishing these goals, she obtained her bachelor’s degree, also from the U, in Biomedical Engineering with a Chemistry minor.  In addition to graduate classes, Katie researches at the Cardiovascular Research and Training Institute, and spends her free time enjoying skiing, rock climbing, and hiking in Utah’s great outdoors.

Contact Katie

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Engineering Chair

Niloofar Farhang
Niloofar is an undergraduate student entering her fifth year studying biomedical engineering and will be graduating in December. She was also a competitor in bench to bedside in the spring 2013 aiding in creating the iPhone app arrhythmatech, an app to be used as a health communication tool between doctors and arrhythmia patients. She plans to attend graduate school for biomedical engineering in the fall of 2014. In her free time Niloofar loves spending time in the outdoors whether it be hiking, rock climbing, or backpacking.

Contact Niloofar

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Engineering Chair
Ahrash Pousaid
Ahrash is an undergraduate student seeking a BS in Biomedical Engineering with an emphasis in Electrical Engineering at the University of Utah. His research interests in the lies in electrical medical devices and in the fields of electrophysiology and cardiovascular function.  His end goal is to continue to graduate school and receive a PhD in either bioengineering or electrical engineering with an emphasis in medicine.

Ahrash has competed in the Bench 2 Bedside competition since it first started and helped since the second year. Ahrash and his team mates won in the 2nd annual competition and they have patented a device. His team and himself are currently researching and working towards clinical testing of their product and hope to have it out in market in the upcoming years.

Contact Ahrash

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Health Sciences Chair

Jonathan Curtis
Jonathan is an MD candidate at the University of Utah School of Medicine.  As part of a winning Bench-to-Bedside team in 2012-2013 (GreenLightOptics), Jonathan helped develop a single-use speculum light to improve visualization during routine vaginal exams. Jonathan‘s interest in Bench-to-Bedside stems from prior work in social entrepreneurship and healthcare innovation in developing sub-Saharan nations. Prior to medical school, Jonathan earned degrees from Brigham Young University, Fordham, and Yale; he also spent two years teaching at public high school in the Bronx as part of Teach For America. Whether hiking along the Wasatch Front or cultivating heirloom tomatoes in the backyard, Jonathan loves spending time outdoors with his wife and daughter.

Contact Jonathan

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Health Sciences Chair

Lynn Nhi Nguyen
Lynn Nhi Nguyen is an MD/PhD student who hopes to use her interdisciplinary skills to effect scientific advances in medical practice. In the 2012-2013 competition, her team submitted the MobiSight System, a smartphone adaptor and software that would make optical health monitoring and expertise available to diabetic patients in rural areas and developing countries. This project aimed to prevent blindness in diabetic patients with retinopathy to vastly improve individual quality of life and benefit to society. She holds degrees in Molecular Biology and Classical Latin, along with research experience in bioengineering and oncological sciences. A California entrepreneur, her business sense skews toward the start-up spirit of San Francisco, where she founded and ran two businesses.

Contact Lynn

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Health Sciences Chair

Greg Gardner
Greg is currently a first-year medical student at the University of Utah.  Before medical school, he received degrees in biomedical engineering at the U.  His research interests include applying image processing and scientific computing techniques to the detection and treatment of cardiac arrhythmias.  In his free time, he is an avid golfer and enjoys spending time in the outdoors and with friends and family.  Greg is excited for the chance to pursue his passions of medicine and engineering as a physician.

Contact Greg

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Health Sciences Chair

Ashley Langell
Ashley Langell is currently a first year medical student at the University of Utah.  Prior to medical school, she studied psychology and pre-medicine at the University of Utah and in 2011 she received her Bachelor of Science degree.  As an undergraduate, Ashley remained active in several research groups.  She has worked on projects with the University of Utah’s Surgery, Emergency Medicine, and Chemical Engineering departments.  Most recently, she studied esophageal permeability and Eosinophilic Esophagitis as part of a multidisciplinary team comprised of members from various sub-specialties of medicine and engineering.  This experience instilled in Ashley a great appreciation for the benefits of interdisciplinary collaboration and her interest in Bench to Bedside stemmed from the program’s highly interdisciplinary approach to medical research and innovation.

Contact Ashley

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Business Chair

Michael Bobbe
Michael Bobbe is an MBA/MS Bioengineering student whose focus is on technology development and commercialization. He currently works as a business analyst for the Utah Science and Technology Research Initiative (USTAR). Michael has previous experience with medical devices through engineering internships at Blackrock Microsystems and IMDS. When not pursuing his education Michael enjoys rock climbing and spending time outside. He recently spent three months backpacking through Southeast Asia, which included an 1100 mile ride through Vietnam on a knock off Honda Win.

Contact Michael

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Business Chair

Garred Lentz
Garred has worked as a project manager in the architecture and design industry for the last five years. Prior to getting yelled at by angry contractors for a living, he co-founded and managed a granite fabrication shop in 2006. He is an apologetic graduate of BYU where he studied English, Economics, and Law. A native of Salt Lake, Garred loves rock climbing, biking, skiing, and twentieth century Irish literature (really). He recently got married in July and is looking forward to telling everyone how his family life is in shambles thanks to grad school. He is part of the entering MBA/MHA class. As a business co-chair of the Bench-to-Bedside competition, Garred is most looking forward to seeing how many projects contain the word "catheter."

Contact Garred

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Need more funding?

Bench-to-Bedside is pleased to announce a new collaboration for milestone funding with the Startup Center for Students (StaC) and the Utah Entrepreneur Club. If your B2B team needs future funding please submit an application HERE.

Your application will be reviewed and if selected, you will be given a date to pitch your proposal for more funding provided through Bench-to-Bedside.Details and dates can be found on the website listed above.

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