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Spark is a new initiative that ignites change across the University of Utah campus. The goal is to generate and share ideas on how to actually change things for the better. Spark is all about ideas—inspiring them, collecting, sorting and finally implementing them. The overall idea of course is to improve how we live, work and study here at the University of Utah.

The University of Utah, and other sponsors, will routinely issue challenges to the Spark community regarding things they’d like to improve or problems they’d like creative solutions to. The challenges will sometimes be broad and sometimes be very specific. Students are encouraged to submit their ideas with a brief description and image, if you have one, about possible solutions.

Once ideas are posted to the site, they are discussed and rated. Students can ask questions about ideas others have submitted, clarify things about their ideas and assign a rating to any one of the listed ideas. Points will be given to participating students. The more a student participates, the higher their will rank on the community leader board.

Once a group of ideas has enough rankings, the top five ideas for each challenge will be promoted to the next level. Each semester the originator of each idea is asked to present their concept to an internal review committee. The committee will choose what they feel is the best idea to move forward.