Compliance Services - Billing Compliance

Puzzle piecesThe Billing Compliance Office is part of University of Utah Health Sciences Compliance Services. Our mission is to promote compliance with federal and state laws related to billing government health programs for clinical services. We accomplish our mission by assessing compliance risks, providing training and education, and conducting internal audits.

The Billing Compliance Office also serves as resource to the University of Utah Health Sciences community by providing answers to compliance-related questions and assisting in the University’s efforts to structure and operate clinical practices in a compliant manner.

Reporting Problems or Concerns

University of Utah Health Care Billing Questions
If you have questions or concerns about a bill you have received from University of Utah Health Care you can call (801) 587-6303 or (800) 862-4937 to seek assistance. You may also submit questions or concerns by emailing   

Report a Billing Compliance Concern
If you wish to report a billing compliance concern, we want to hear from you. Please contact the Billing Compliance Office directly or, if you would prefer, reports can be made to the University’s Ethics and Compliance Hotline.   

To reach the Billing Compliance Office, please call (801) 213-3948. For regular mail, please send correspondence to:

University of Utah Health Sciences
Compliance Services
Billing Compliance Office
675 Arapeen Drive, Suite 104
Salt Lake City, UT 84108

Ethics & Compliance Hotline & Fax
To use the Ethics and Compliance Hotline, please call (toll free) (888) 206-6025 or visit You may also communicate via fax at (801) 584-4972 or may send an email to

Internal Audit Department
During regular business hours, you may also make a report directly to the University’s Internal Audit Department, by calling (801) 581-5997.

Staff & Employees

Chief Compliance Officer
Brian Watts

Diana Snow

Administrative Manager
Jamie Ross

Physician Advisor
Jeannine Engel, MD

Senior Compliance Officer
Michelle Densley

Compliance Officer
Jennica Burke

Compliance Officer
Dana Frederiksen

Clinical Compliance Officer
Lisa Whittaker, RN

Compliance Analyst
Morgan Walker

Clinical Compliance Officer
Sara Feltz, PA

Compliance Officer
Carri Aguiar

Compliance Officer
Jesica Jensen

Administrative Assistant
Connie Barth

Administrative Assistant
Holly McAtee