Regulatory Compliance - ARUP/Pathology Department

Contact Information 

Kathy Carlson, MT(ASCP)
Administrative Director, UUHSC Services
ARUP Laboratories at University Hospital
50 N. Medical Drive, Rm A681
Salt Lake City, Utah 84132
phone: (801) 581-2493
fax: (801) 585-6666
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ARUP Curriculum/CAP/CLIA Certifications

Dr. Hussong's medical license may be requested from Richard E. Carter, Computer Technician / Executive Secretary, Clinical Research Compliance and Education (801)213 - 3601 or by contacting Kathy Carlson at or 801-581-2493

  • If you are in need of archived (if not posted) copies of the CAP or CLIA please contact Richard E. Carter (801)213-3601
CLIA UH Accreditation - CLIA CF Accreditation - CAP UH Letter - CAP CF Letter - Curriculum Vitae
CLIA UH 2015 CLIA CF 2015 CAP UH 2013 CAP CF 2013 (2013) - Jerry Hussong
CLIA UH 2013 CLIA CF 2013 CAP UH 2012 CAP CF 2012 (2013) - Sherrie L. Perkins
        (2012) - Sherrie L. Perkins


CLIA Letter 06/24/2013
Jerry Hussong