Humanitarian Device Exemption (HDE) Coverage Information



Please review the following link regarding HDE coverage:

IMPORTANT!!! Contact Kristin Kolsch (801)587-0835 early-on to discuss proper HDE billing requirements.


For each patient, a provider must demonstrate medical necessity for the procedure and the device.

The following documentation should be noted in each patient’s chart:

    • Medical necessity for the procedure and the HDE device.

    • Documentation must also demonstrate the absence of any other alternative therapies and/or failure of other potential alternative therapies. – No other options available

In addition, to the above requirements please have the following readily available:

    • Any published and peer-reviewed literature supportive of the request for coverage of the procedure/HDE device.

To ensure proper Medicare billing it is important to send the following information to

    • Patient Name

    • MRN #

    • Date of Service

    • HDE #

The information should be sent prior to the HDE procedure.  If the HDE procedure is done on an emergency basis the following information should be sent as soon as possible!