uTRAC - Frequently Asked Questions Continued

Is uTRAC training required?

The only uTRAC trainings that are required are the ePay Reviewer and the Medicare Coverage Analysis Reviewer.Training for uTRAC is provided in webinar format - all that is need is a workstation with Internet connection and a seperate phone line. The Draft (pre award), Active (post award) and workshops are not required. However, these classes offer participants with a valuable overview of how uTRAC functions.

uTRAC Draft (pre award) Training

Draft Trainings exist to demonstrate the step by step process of creating and submitting a uTRAC application.  Participants can watch or follow along as the instructor creates a new study application in uTRAC. 

The following topics will be covered:

  • uTRAC basics
  • Protocol billing grid (PBG) creation
  • Budget building within uTRAC
  • Clinicaltrials.gov and uTRAC

 uTRAC Active (post award) Training

Active Trainings exist to demonstrate the step by step process of managing a uTRAC application after it has been reviewed, approved, and has advanced to the awarded state.  Participants can watch or follow along as the instructor activates an awarded application and performs various functions within it.   

The following topics will be covered:

  • Activation of awarded uTRAC application
  • uTRAC participant enrollment and tracking
  • Billing review-Amendments
  • Payments

**Required uTRAC Training to Receive the ePay Reviewer or Medicare Coverage Analysis Reviewer User Roles

Medicare Coverage Analysis /Protocol Billing Grid Automation Training (required for MCA access)

  • If studies intend to bill insurance for any study-related procedures, a Medicare Coverage Analysis ( MCA) must be performed in uTRAC.  In order for individuals to access and edit the MCA pages in uTRAC, they must complete this training.  Individuals will learn how to conduct a Perspective Reimbursement Analysis and Medicare Coverage Analysis within uTRAC.  Each study is responsible for conducting their own MCA analysis.

ePay Reviewer Training (required for ePay review access)

  • If a study has Epic-billable charges routed to the study for payment, the study must assign at least one review to review and approve these charges within uTRAC.  These charges will be reviewed and billed via what is called an ePay (basically an electronic version of the original paper campus order).  At least one of these reviewers per study will need to be listed on the Grants and Contracts “Signature Authorization Form” in order to legally approve each ePay. Otherwise, the PI will be responsible for reviewing and approving all ePays for the study

uTRAC Workshop (no registration is required)

  • uTRAC Workshops are held to allow study staff the opportunity to work on their own, assigned studies in an informal setting that will allow them to ask questions and obtain 1 to 1 help on their individual studies from CRCE staff.  The workshops take place in computer labs so that attendees can pull up their studies in class and work on them directly online.  Workshops run for two hours at a time, but participants can come and go as they choose within that allotted time.  Participants can attend as many workshops as they wish.  However, before attending, new participants will want to make sure they have a valid login for uTRAC and come prepared with the information they will need  to work on their uTRAC applications (protocols, budgets, etc.).  The workshops are held mainly to assist individuals with their uTRAC applications and/or the Epic billing review process.