uTRAC - Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my study required to be in uTRAC?

  • All clinical research studies are required to use uTRAC. A study is clinical if it involves one or more prospective clinical procedures, services, or other items. By institutional policy, no exceptions can be made to this rule. If you have been directed to open a uTRAC application and you believe the study may qualify for an exemption, see next section.
  • Exemptions are applicable to health-related studies that include no prospective clinical items. Such studies are limited to:
a) retrospective chart review
b) registry or survey of health information
c) data coordinating centers
d) clinical research studies that have completed all study participant visits
Instructions on how to do a Self Exemption Request

How do I request a uTRAC Account?

  • To acquire a uTRAC user account, please have your department’s Account Requestor (the individual who manages employee accounts i.e. CIS, Outlook etc.) register a uTRAC account for you.  If you are unable to locate an account requestor please contact our office at 801-213-3601. All uTRAC users (Principal Investigators, Clinical Research Coordinators, Research Managers, Participant Tracker, etc.) need to be given a uTRAC account

Can I access uTRAC from outside of the Health Sciences’ network?

  • Due to PHI being stored in the system, uTRAC is hosted on a secure server on the Health Sciences' network and cannot be accessed outside of the HSC network. The uTRAC system may be accessed outside of the Health Sciences network using a VPN account or through the use of the applications portal (http://applications.med.utah.edu).  You will login with your uNID and CIS password.  This will log you into Intercomm. Once you have accessed Interncomm look for menu item Clinical. From the Clinical drop down menu under Clinical Research you will find the uTRAC Online link. 


    If you are not employed under the Health Sciences’ or University Hospital departments you may need to have your account requestor request HSC (SRVR) network access for you so that you can access uTRAC directly from the Health Sciences’ network or from the applications portal. Please send inquiries to utrac-support@umail.utah.edu.

How do I request a sponsor be added to the uTRAC Sponsor database?

  • If sponsor does not show in the sponsor drop down selection window in uTRAC - please fill in the form here and submit to request a sponsor be added to uTRAC sponsor database.

Is uTRAC training required?

The general Draft (pre-award) and Active (post-award) uTRAC trainings are optional and not necessary to create a uTRAC application or enroll participants.  However, if you will be responsible for completing a Medicare Coverage Analysis (MCA) for your uTRAC application (required for studies intending to bill insurance for study-related items), you are required to take the “uTRAC MCA/PBG Automation Webinar.”  If you will be responsible for reconciling your studies’ ePays, you are also required to take the “uTRAC ePay Review Webinar” before you will be provided access to this functionality.

Trainings are live webinars that you will participate in online.  You will need access to the Internet and a separate phone line.

Workshops are voluntary drop-in sessions that provide users with one to one help as they create or amend uTRAC applications, reconcile ePays, or review study charges in Epic.  

You may reveiw a schedule of the webinars and workshops here