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  • study demographics automate pricing, inflation, facilities and administrative (F&A) fees for accurate budgeting
  • electronic, logic-driven coverage analysis assists analyst and documents results
  • integrated protocol billing grid directs billing routing and federally required research modifiers for compliant billing
  • automated research pricing tool and item menus facilitate accurate budgeting of per-participant and project-wide costs
  • payment-terms comparison assists in budget negotiation


  • semi-automated schedule of events indicates time spans and visit windows
  • participant demographics entry is automated through medical record number (MRN) entry
  • if MRN is not known, auto-request feature provides MRN or creates a new MRN
  • participant enrollment and visit schedule request prompts automated individualization of schedule of events, complete with all visit dates and windows
  • automated individualized schedule of visits allows compliant visit logging completion and verification within seconds, in accordance with Good Clinical Practices (GCP)
  • unscheduled visits and adverse events can be added to participant visit schedule within seconds
  • visit-related protocol deviations are documented within seconds


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