October 2012

uTRAC Updates for October 2012:


Date of  Update




 Oct 2012

Self-exemption request and documentation uTRAC

The self-exemption process requires:

  1. A uTRAC login
  2. Completion of an auto-self-exemption page in uTRAC
  3. Linkage of ERICA and uTRAC applications
  4. Submission of the self-exemption page

The self-exemption process provides:

  1. self-exemption directions
  2. automated approval, denial, or “pending review” status

 Oct 2012

 Amendment type identification and creation

Creation of a PBG and/or Budget amendment in uTRAC no longer requires selection of “Create Amendment” under “My Activities.” Editable PBG/budget pages will generate automatically, indicated by green dot.


 Oct 2012

 UU Clinical Trials Website information copied

If any UU Clinical Trials Website information has been added pre-amendment, will be copied at the time of an amendment. 


 Oct 2012

 Generate PBG and budget Excel spread sheets

 The uTRAC PBG and budget my now be exported to an Excel spreadsheet, allowing viewing and sharing of all study costs in one Excel workbook.

  1. Click “My Activities” in any state
  2. Select “Generate Spread Sheet”
  3. Follow directions on the pop-up window to view the exported information

 Oct 2012

 Revision name removed when amendment created

The revision name of an amendment is no longer a required field.

6 Oct 2012 “Amendment withdrawal” activity To withdraw an amendment that has been created but is not desired, select “Withdraw Amendment” from “My Activities”