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uTRAC and billing-related trainings

Schedule and registration links for upcoming webinars and workshops can be found on our home page
Detailed descriptions of trainings and workshops

Required training to receive reviewer role for ePay and/or MCA-PBG Review

All other uTRAC Webinars are encouraged but optional

Workshops are provided to assist users one to one (via computer lab) on their specific uTRAC applications and uTRAC/Epic questions and reviews

Epic for Clinical Research Coordinators (required to review/release study charges in Epic)                

ARUP and ancillary orders

                                Epic Schegistration (required to create lab-only Epic visits)

                                EpicCare (required to order labs via EpicCare) 

Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) Orientation

Clinical Research Coordinators either new to the University or to the field of clinical research, are invited to participate in an orientation provided by the Office of Clinical Research Compliance and Education. This orientation will introduce the new CRC to the University's process of study initiation. A review of the various entities that the CRC will need to contact for approval and required documentation will be presented. A brief overview of Federal Regulations and Clinical Research Billing Compliance will be discussed along with University Policies and Procedures specific to clinical research. The Research Administration Training Series (RATS) Certificate of Achievement program will be explained and encouraged as an integral part of CRC career development. Please click here to register


Research Administration Training Series (R.A.T.S.)

Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Training  - University of Utah investigators and study staff who conduct human subject research must complete training initiatives before the IRB will approve a research project

User Guides


The uTRAC user guides have now been assembled into the uTRAC Online Help System


EPIC User Guide - If you do not have the password email


Create an Epic Lab Visit

Preparation guide for placing PowerChart orders

-          General PowerChart outpatient orders

-          General PowerChart inpatient orders

Preparation guide for placing EpicCare orders

-          Create EpicCare Orders Only Encounter

 Workflows and User Roles