What We Do

While the traditional strength of the CVRTI has been in basic cardiac electrophysiology and ion transport, we have expanded our program.

CVRTI investigators conduct cutting edge research in the following specific areas:

  • structural and functional properties of ion channels
  • cellular electrophysiology
  • excitation-contraction coupling
  • regulation of intracellular pH and calcium
  • cardiac chromatin remodeling
  • tissue and organ level electrophysiology
  • computational modeling
  • cardiac metabolism
  • mitochondrial function

Multidisciplinary Team

Our multidisciplinary team of investigators includes physicians, bioengineers, physiologists, biochemists, and computational modelers who approach these goals from the molecular, cellular, and whole heart levels.

CVRTI members include faculty investigators, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, support staff, and core personnel.


Nora Eccles Harrison Cardiovascular Research & Training Institute

Kenneth W. Spitzer, PhD
Phone: (801) 581-8183

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Salt Lake City, Utah 84112