Health Sciences Advocates

The Health Sciences Advocates is comprised of individuals and couples who are educated through a series of presentations and tours at the University of Utah Health Sciences Center. They attend four presentations a year and are active spokespersons and advocates for the health sciences.

The advocates group was formed 15 years ago and has approximately 140 members. Active members give an annual minimum donation of $1,000 a year or a significant lifetime contribution to health sciences of $25,000 or more. Donations can be designated to any area within the Health Sciences.

Mission Statement

The mission of the University of Utah Health Sciences Advocates is to provide an opportunity for members to learn about the world class resources, facilities, programs and innovations within the University of Utah Health Sciences Center.

For additional information see the Health Sciences Advocate Bylaws.

2013–2014 Health Sciences Advocates Presentation Calendar

Thursday, April 3, 2014 @ 5:30 pm
Presentation: Medical Ethics presented by Ms. Gretchen Case, PhD, and assistant professor in the Division of Medical Ethics and Humanities, University of Utah School of Medicine (Gretchen will bring with her a panel from the University of Utah Hospital to discuss the process involved in dealing with difficult ethical decisions.)

Previous presentations

Thursday, November 7, 2013 @ 5:30 pm
Presentation:  Developing Your Personal Eating Style for Health: What Can You Learn from Fad Diets? Presented by Beth Wolfgram, MS, RD, Sports Dietitian for the University of Utah Athletic Department and Julie Metos, PhD, RD, Interim Chair for the Division of Nutrition. Deseret News Article on Nutrition and Athletes.

Thursday, February 6, 2014 @ 5:30 pm
Presentation: Tour of the L.S. Skaggs Pharmacy Research Building presented by Chris M. Ireland, PhD, dean of the College of Pharmacy. Dean Irelend's presentation. Barbara Crouch's Presentation.


Byron & Deborah Barkley
Jess Agraz
Olivia Agraz
Bill Bennion
Vicki Bennion
Keith Christensen
Kristina Christensen
Anita Rice
Jay Rice
Val Antczak
Barbara Polich
Olivia & Jess Agraz
Gretchen Anderson
Val Antczak
Angela Atkin
Debbie & Byron Barkley
Julie & Eric Barlow
Trudy & James Beck
Vicki & Bill Bennion
Steve Borst
Mark Bouchard
Ann & Brent Bowen
Holly & Barry Bowen
Sara & Roger Boyer
Joan & Steve Brinton
Dotti & Gary Brockbank
Linda & David Buchman
David Burnett
Helen & Jeff Cardon
John Champion
Amy LaRue Christensen
Kyo & Eric Christensen
Kristina & Keith Christensen
Renee & William Christensen
Elaine & Steve Clyde
Jane & John Coats
Karin & Todd Cook
Rebecca & Vern Cooley
Heidi & Tony Coop
Chuck Culp
Sandy & Mark Day
Stephanie & Clay Dean-Perry
Candace & Tim Dee
Steve Denkers
Angela & Zeke Dumke III
Susan & Tim Dunn
Linda & Michael Dunn
Hope Eccles
Katie Eccles
Lisa Eccles
Chris & Fred Fairclough
Carol & John Firmage
Ann Foxley
Lluella & Dave Freed
Jacque & Mike Frei
Nancy & Dan Gibbs
Nancy Gleue
Michael Graham
Jolie & Brad Hatch
Carol & Floyd Hatch
Holly & Joe Henriod
Mark Henry
Tammy & Steve Kasteler
Vanessa & Carl Laurella
Sue & Dennis Lloyd
Jennifer Logan
Lucia Lucci
Nancee & Bill Madsen
Carole & Ed Madsen
Darla & Muzz Malouf
Elaina Margakis
Rebecca Marriott
Mary & Tom McCarthey
Alana & Jeff Metcalf
Kathie & Mark Miller
Christina & Sean Mooney
Vicki & Doug Mortensen
Amy & Steve Murdock
Brad Olch
Robin & Kent Palmer
Joyce & Stan Parrish
Lisa & Mori Paulsen
Kacey & Bill Perry
Barbara Polich
Marilyn & J.D. Porter
Randy Quarles
Mindy Ramsey
Harriet & Wallie Rasmussen
Anita & Jay Rice
Sandi & Ren Rice
Lesli & Scott Rice
Jave Reiser
Bob Rose
Susan & Kevin Rowe
Claire & Stephen Ryberg
Ann & Joe Sasich
Elaina & Steve Simos
Tamra & Terrell Smith
Sharon & Cliff Snyder
Susan & Dave Stayner
Ciska & Jim Stinson
Gayle & Alan Sullivan
Carol & Tony Sweet
Kris & Mike Swenson
Elisabeth & Jesse Theurer
Betsy & Scott Thornton
Carol & Blake Tillotson
Lori Ann & Duff Willey

Please contact Rebecca DeBo should you have any questions about the Health Sciences Advocates.

Rebecca DeBo
Director for Constituent Relations
Phone: (801) 585-2739