Planned Giving

Many donors have made the University of Utah Health Sciences Center a part of their estate plan by designating a planned gift through a will, life insurance policy, charitable remainder trust, charitable gift annuity, retirement fund, or other assets. We gratefully acknowledge these generous supporters and their exceptional gifts.

Kathleen M. Alacano
Gary and Carolyn Alder
James C. Allen
Linda K. Amos, Ed.D., R.N., F.A.A.N.
David B. and Kathy J. Anderson
G. W.* and Lee Anderson
Roscoe B.*  Anderson, M.D. and Joan C.* Critchlow, M.D.
Douglas R. Arrington
John W. Athens, M.D. and Georgia R. Athens
John Bruce Balken, M.D.*
Dr. Robert H.* and Dorothy Cannon* Ballard
Cindy K. Barney
Vernon R. Beeler
George W. and Phee Belsey
Dr. Charles K. and Janice Beyer-Machule
Sharon M. Bigelow*
Elmen D. (Red) and Monika Bloedel
Doris Bomgardner
Rose Boyajiian
Dr. Rodney H. and Carolyn Hansen Brady
Gary L. Bridge
Paul E. Brown
Fred W.* and Eveline Bruenger
Dr. Calvin and Elizabeth Buhler
Barbara R. Burnett
Chris Cartwright, M.D.
Rodney H. and Sally* Christensen
Alfred "Chris"* and Trudi Christiansen
Louisa B. Chutro*
Dr.* and Mrs.* Russell B. Clark
Helen L. Clise
Sherry D. Clise*
Duane S. and Jean D. Crowther
Dr. Dwight P. and Jean Cruikshank
Cheryl B. Dalley
Goldy M. and Oliver Dawson
Ross E. Dean*
Richard E. Dedolph, M.D.
Dr. Candace Cartwright Dee and Thomas D. Dee, III
Janice J. and Thomas D.* Dee
Frank E. Delvie*
Dr. Victor A. and Susan Diaz
Eva Smart and Sherman R.* Dickman
Joel R. and Lisa Dimick
Margaret E. Dixon
Dr. Raymond C. and Bertha E. Doucette
Dr. G. Paul and Janet B. Doxey
Gene A. Drabner
William R.* and Shirley E.* Droschkey
Nancy V. Droubay
Mr. and Mrs. Ezekiel R. Dumke, Jr.
Richard E. Ellison*
Dr. John W.* and Norda F. Emmett
Doreen Espinoza and Jack Wall
Courtney S. Ewles
Dr. Warren G.* and Gretha W. Eyre
Judy A. Farnsworth, Ph.D.
Lee Farster
Richard A. Fay and Carol M. Fay
Gary and Karen* Filler
Steve Fredrickson
Drs. James W. and Margie S. Freston
Drs. Ernst R. and Marianne Friedrich
Dr. William Gassert
Dr. Claudius Y.* and Catherine B.* Gates
James C. and Pamela Gilbert
Mary Ann Glasgow
Lowell and Jerry Glass
Dr. Jeffrey B. and Laura Gliedman
Paul R. "Hap" and Ann* Green
Dr. Onie Grosshans
Judy M. Gruenberg
Colleen W. Gubler*
Larry Gordon Handy
A. K. Hansen, M.D.
John M. and Janice Hansen
Peggy Norton Hansen, M.D.
Frederika Harlin*
Wesley G. and Michelle D. Harline
James F.* and Joyce E.* Harris
John* and June Gale* Hartman
Geoffrey Hasson
Wyatt and Cindy Haws
Robert W. and Nancy G. Hayden
Dr. Joseph and Colleen Heath
Martha M. Heath
Richard G.* and Margaret Heers
Dr. E. Ronn and Nancy D. Heiner
Terrance Henderson*
F. James Hibbard
Dr. N. Frederick* and Margarete* Hicken
Darlene H. Hobson
Fred B. Hodson
Rachel A. Hollis
Marilyn H. Howard
Sue E. Huether, Ph.D.
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Hughes
Frank W. and Connie Hull
Dr. Richard A. and Gloria N. Irion
Dr. Arlen K. and Jody Jarrett
Dr. R. Kent and Terri N. Jex
Mr. Robert L. Johnson*
Kirtly Parker Jones, M.D. and Christopher R. Jones, M.D.
Dr. Wayne C. and Galina Kaesche
Donald Kalman
Robert and Caroline Kanner
Burton and Diane* Kaufman
Safia and Lester L. Keller
Judith A. Kiernan
Dr. Reid R. and Barbara R. Kimball
Ranch Snow* and Josephine S. Kimball
Dr. Thomas and Joan D. King
Michael C. Knowlton
Dr. Neil K. and Edie* Kochenour
Dr. and Mrs. William Kummer
Jack William Kunkler, J.D.*
Ruth A. Kurzbauer and Dr. Marcus Jacobson*
Thomas E. and Wendy A. Lacy
Kenneth R. and Cynthia P. Laird
Carol L. Landa*
The Very Rev. Rick Q. Lawson
George Wesley Lewis, Jr.
Ronald B. and Kimberly W. Loomis
Dan Lundergan and Liz Winter
CMDR Gladys Madsen*
T.G. "Bud" and Barbara Mahas
Gaye H. Marrash
Joan Jensen Mathews, R.N., Ph.D.
Edith McGovern
David McGuire
Hila L. and Alex* McKasson
Bruce and Patty Miller
Michael T.* and Taylor Miller
Bruce and Evelyn Mills
Dr. Louis A. and Deborah Moench
Dr. Donald M. and Barbara B. Moore
John A. Moran
James and Edna (Jerry)* Morkin
Dr. Royce Moser, Jr. and Lois H. Moser
David L. and Terrie K. Moss
George M. Moss, Jr.*
Carol A. Nantkes
Orville Felt Nielsen, M.D.*
Dan Oniki, M.D.
Dr. Carolyn L. Orthner
Dr. Virgil J. and Jacquelyn A.* Parker
Janet Parry
Ralph F. and Mary Lou Peak, M.D.
Wayne J. Peay
Dr. Chase N. and Grethe B. Peterson
John J. and Katrina A.* Phillips
Charlotte Phillips
George C.* and Anne C. Pingree
J. Frederick (Toby) and Phyllis Pingree
John C. and Carmen B. Pingree
Drs. Henry* and Agnes* Plenk
Ronald E. Poelman* and Anne G. Osborn, M.D.
Sylvia E. Prahl
Dr. Alan R. and Carmen Ruth Pratt
Drs. Glenn Prestwich and Barbara Bentley
Dr. Joseph M. and Paula Quagliana
Dr. and Ms. Alan T. Rappleye
Marilyn A. Ray, R.N., Ph.D.
Dr. Patty Reagan
Alison W. Reeder
Dr. Thomas D.* and Natalie B.* Rees
Miriam Reeves*
Frank Renald*
Joyce T. and Robert L.* Rice
Marjorie Riches-Gunn
Antionette M. Ruth
Barbara K. Samuels*
Bertram H. and Janet Marshall Schaap
Dr. C. DuWayne* and Alice C. Schmidt
Dr. James R. and Mary Jo Scott
Robert and Joan Sell
Edward G. Southwick, M.D. and Mary Ellen B.* Southwick
M. Paul Southwick, M.D. and Beverly Brockbank* Southwich
Albert and Laura Spicer
Mary Jayne Stevens
Dr. J. Robert and Ann K.* Stewart
Richard L. Stimson
Dr. Gerald B. and Barbara F. Stringfellow
Janice Stuessi
Michelle W. Sweet
Arthur J. Swindle
Howard H. Tamai, USA (Ret.)
Alice G. Telford
Dr. Stephen R. and Valerie W. Terry
Karen Jean Thornhill
Arthur and Haru Toimoto
Dr. Robert L. and Terrie Treft
Alida W. Tyler*
Richard F. and Marilyn C. Veazey
DeForest E. Voss*
Stephen C. Voss, M.D.
Jane S. Wagner
Keith* and Susan Warshaw
Lawrence C.* and Delores M. Weaver
Inga Frenkel Weil, M.D.
Richard E.* and Kelly* Whitlock
James R. Wilcox* and Ethel M. Wilcox Defosse
J. and Joanne M. Williams
Kenneth L. and Mary* Williams
Ronald Thomas Wilson, M.D. and Kris-Tina Apperson
Bill Winstead*
Syvlan H.* and Maurine C.* Wittwer
Harold W. Wolf, Ph.D. and Joan S. Wolf, Ph.D.
James B. and Caroline V. Wood
Grant A. Young