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Educational Resource Development Council

The Educational Resource Development Council (ERDC) is comprised of influential and philanthropic women within our community who are interested in learning about and promoting the latest advances and techniques in fields of health as they relate to University of Utah Health. Active members attend eight presentations a year and give a minimum of $1,000 annually to the ERDC Scholarship and Program Fund. These donations support student scholarships within the Colleges of Pharmacy, Nursing, Health; the School of Medicine; and the School of Dentistry. They also award funding for various projects and programs within U of U Health. The Council consists of 60–80 women and has existed for more than 20 years.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Educational Resource Development Council is to educate and inform council members about the latest advances and techniques in fields of health as they relate to University of Utah Health. ERDC provides the opportunity to meet together as a group and share an interest in understanding health care concerns. Members invest time and financial support toward educational scholarships, medical technology, and health care programs.

For additional information see the Educational Resource Development Council Bylaws.

Upcoming Presentations

November 21, 2016

January 23, 2017

February 27, 2017

March 27, 2017 – ERDC Student Scholarship Interviews

April 24, 2017

May 22, 2017



The Educational Resource Development Council was established in 1991 with the purpose to provide its ten original members an opportunity to become acquainted and educated about the health sciences education offered at the University of Utah. Today the council is comprised of women who represent philanthropic and professional interests within the community.

In 1997 ERDC became a charitable council and formed a project committee to initiate support for scholarships, special projects and programs, and equipment needs at University of Utah Health. To date ERDC has established nine endowments valued at more than $600,000, funded 246 scholarships and contributed to over 150 faculty projects and building campaigns.

Executive Committee

Chair Barbara Soulier
Vice-Chair Sidney Makoff
Scholarship Project/Program Chair 
Past Chair Myra Hansen
Program Co-Chair Pat Christensen
Program Co-Chair Laurie Eastwood


ERDC Membership Requirements

Length of membership is negotiable.


Approximately 60–80 members (Members are asked to join by invitation only, through an annual nomination process.)

Current Members
  • Jesselie Anderson
  • Deborah Barkley
  • Judith Billings
  • Ann Blackner
  • Laura Boardman
  • Connie Borup
  • Ann Brown
  • Barbara Browning
  • Timmy Burton
  • Helen Cardon
  • Robyn Carter-Keller
  • Val Chin
  • Patricia Christensen
  • Cecile Christiansen
  • Barbara Clark
  • Lindsay Cutshall
  • Laurie Eastwood
  • Elaine Ellis
  • Lynn Fey
  • Nancy Garrison
  • Harriett Gesteland
  • Myra Hansen
  • June Henderson
  • Laurie Hofmann
  • Marian Ingham
  • Pam Joklik
  • Joyce Jorgensen
  • Catherine Kanter
  • Lucinda Kindred
  • Linda Kruse
  • Terry Landa
  • Chris Lee
  • Ann MacQuoid
  • Sidney Makoff
  • Jackie Marsden
  • Judy Maryon
  • Marjorie Ann McClure
  • Sarah Meehan
  • Nancy Melich
  • Patty Miller
  • Kay Moran
  • Judy Moreton
  • Carlyle Morris
  • June Morris
  • Jean Mueller
  • Elizabeth Nielson
  • Ruth Novak
  • Carol Osborn
  • Linda Pembroke
  • Sandi Pershing
  • Beth Pratt
  • Sue Razor
  • Zoe Richardson
  • Karen Roney
  • Marilynn Roskelley
  • Karen Ross
  • Carole Sanders
  • Janet Schaap
  • Claudia Skaggs Luttrell
  • Linda Smith
  • Barbara Soulier
  • Susan Speer
  • Liane Stillman
  • Martha Stockham
  • Norma Stromberg
  • Sonnie Swindle
  • Susan Walker
  • Lisa Wirthlin
  • Linda Wolcott
  • Barbara Zimonja


ERDC Scholarship Video 2014


ERDC has contributed to over 150 faculty projects and programs. In 2013, ERDC provided funding for victims of stroke or brain injury to integrate back into social group interactions with book club at the Sugar House Rehabilitation Center.