Office of Development

About Us

The mission of the University of Utah Health Sciences Development team is to foster philanthropic opportunities in health care that support education, research and community outreach. If you have any questions about how you can become involved with Health Sciences Development, please contact us.

John Baker

Chief Development Officer, Health Sciences Development

(801) 585-7010

Steve Warner

Sr. Executive Director of Development

(801) 585-3251

Vicky Davison

Senior Major Gifts Officer, Health Sciences Development

(801) 585-7010

Rebecca DeBo

Senior Major Gifts Officer, Health Sciences Development

(801) 585-2739

Denise Begue

Major Gifts Officer

(801) 585-6874

Brian Davis

Director of Development, Internal Medicine

(801) 587-7903

Jeremy Snow

Director of Development, Surgery

(801) 581-4934

Stephanie Sokolowski

Director of Development, Neurosciences

(801) 585-0713

Cathy Bradley

Manager, Patient Relations and Development

(801) 213-2283

Courtney Garay

Development Director, College of Health

(801) 585-3205

Kristin Mallik

Advancement Director, Dept. of Radiology and Imaging Sciences

(801) 581-4916

Andrew Swindle

Director of Development, School of Dentistry

(801) 587-2528

MJ Gregoire

Director of Administration & Fundraising Support, Health Sciences Development

(801) 585-7009

Amanda Hoskins

Director of Prospect Management, Health Sciences Development

(801) 585-7352

Erika Bowen

Annual Giving Officer

(801) 581-5660

Heidi Green

Annual Giving Officer

(801) 585-5012

Gwen Allouch

Executive Assistant

(801) 585-5186

Coleen Bonathan

Marketing Assistant, Health Sciences Development

(801) 581-4401

Amy Roberts

Marketing Assistant, Health Sciences Development

(801) 585-7410

Carly Backlund

Development Specialist, Health Sciences Development

(801) 581-4401

Natalie Carroll

Events Specialist, Health Sciences Development

(801) 581-4708

Gracey White

Information Coordinator, Health Sciences Development

(801) 585-0222

Kristin Wann Anderson

Executive Director, Alumni Relations, School of Medicine

(801) 585-3818

Jacqueline Voland

Associate Director, Alumni Relations, School of Medicine

(801) 581-8591

Blythe Stewart

Development/Marketing Assistant, Alumni Relations, School of Medicine

(801) 585-1121

Chris Nelson

Chris Nelson

Executive Director, University Hospital Foundation

(801) 587-6509

Lindsay Barneck

Lindsay Barneck

Development Officer, University Hospital Foundation

(801) 587-6500

Carol Payne

Executive Assistant, University Hospital Foundation

(801) 587-6500

Lyddia Pierce

Development Specialist, University Hospital Foundation

(801) 587-9747

Melissa Connor

Development Specialist

(801) 587-6515

Health Sciences at the University of Utah is responsible for some of the best research, education and medical services in the United States. The Development Office helps raise money to support these endeavors. We work with individual donors, foundations, corporations, faculty and staff. We also develop programs that inform and educate the community on the breadth of services and activities at the Health Sciences Center.


Health Sciences Benefactors

The Health Sciences Benefactors is comprised of individuals and couples who are educated through a series of presentations and tours at the University of Utah Health Sciences Center. They attend three presentations a year and are active spokespersons and advocates for the Health Sciences. Active members give an annual minimum donation of $1,000 a year. Donations can be designated to any area within the health sciences.   

Education Resource Development Council

The Educational Resource Development Council (ERDC) is comprised of influential and philanthropic women within our community who are interested in learning about and promoting the latest advances and techniques in fields of health as they relate to the University of Utah Health Sciences. Active members attend eight presentations a year and give a minimum of $1,000 annually to the ERDC Scholarship and Program Fund. These donations support student scholarships within the Colleges of Pharmacy, Nursing, Health; the School of Medicine and the School of Dentistry. They also award funding for various projects and programs within the Health Sciences. The council consists of 60–80 women and has existed for more than 20 years.