Pancreatic Cancer DOT

The Pancreatic Cancer DOT is interested in understanding the genetic and environmental risk factors for cancers of the pancreas, as well as in developing new methods for earlier disease detection and new treatments for advanced disease. Our group comprises clinicians as well as translationally-focused basic scientists, working collaboratively with human subjects, surgical tumor specimens and animal models to advance our goals.

Overview of Projects

The pancreatic cancer group has established a world-class biospecimen tracking database, facilitating local, national and international collaborations to identify biomarkers for tumor burden as well as develop new strategies for clinical deployment of these biomarkers. We also take advantage of both human tumor xenograft and genetically engineered mouse models of this disease, to study its initiation and progression. Our recent work on mouse pancreatic cancer models has uncovered a new role for cell differentiation in limiting tumor susceptibility, a finding which we are currently working to validate with respect to human patient outcome.