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Are We Rooted Or Stuck In Tradition?

While the nation has been preoccupied with the health care crisis and figuring out ways to deliver better, cheaper health care, how we’re educating and training providers has largely escaped scrutiny. We’re counting on the next generation to sort out the mess we’re in, yet in many cases preparing them with yesterday’s tools to do so. In science, the boldest innovations often come from people who have thrown out conventional wisdom. In education, we’re hanging on to traditions created more than 100 years ago. Are we ready to ask some hard questions and discern which of those traditions are keeping us rooted and which are holding us back?

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Can We Loosen Our Grip Without Losing Control?

There’s a lot of uncertainty swirling in health care, sending stakeholders retreating to their corners or looking for safety in numbers. Change all too often seems like a zero-sum game. Someone comes out the winner, and someone comes out the loser. So we hang onto what we know, believing that loosening our grip means surrendering all control. But do we have more to lose than gain from hanging so tightly to the status quo?

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Transparency: Will It Help Or Harm Health Care?

Transparency is a noble quality. We like people who are open and honest, so it makes sense that we yearn for those same virtues in health providers and institutions. But transparency is a double-edged tool. Responsible transparency can build trust just as quickly as reckless transparency can erode it. It can be used to teach us something important about ourselves or to punish and shame. Doing it right takes time, money and a careful weighing of competing priorities—a complicated, and time-sensitive, calculus for today’s health organizations.

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How Can We Find Relevance In A Landscape That Won’t Stop Shifting?

Science is the pursuit of truth. What could be more clear-cut than that? Yet for today’s scientists, that search can be a winding, unsettling path through a constantly evolving landscape. Funding constraints, new trends and a growing emphasis on translation has investigators worrying there may be no place for them when the ground stops shaking. With their livelihoods hanging in the balance, they’re figuring out how to be adaptable and competitive, how to be open to eclectic partners and funding streams, and how to look at threats as opportunities to take science further than they imagined.

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Keeping Pace: Who’s Driving Discovery And Where Are We Headed?

We’re on overload. It’s not just the deluge of emails, articles, texts and Tweets we have to keep up with to stay current. It’s the complexity of the information and the pace at which it’s rendered obsolete. How do we balance expediency with the need for accuracy and thoughtfulness? How do we prioritize translational research against the need to first understand? Will we crumble under constrained resources, exploding technology and heightened consumer demand, or seize these challenges as opportunities to propel us forward?

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