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Limited Time Offer: Major Employers Seek Partners to Fix Health Care08/12/2014
TED Talk: Molecular Animations help Test Hypotheses 08/12/2014
Not your same-old hospital: How design is responding to new priorities in health care07/25/2014
Holy Window Washing, Batman! How superheroes and others are working together for patients in Hershey, PA07/22/2014
When will new health care legislation gain ground in Congress?07/22/2014
"Every Metric is a Person": One patient's journey from statistic to advocacy07/22/2014
Physicians who are dismissive to nurses affect quality of care and bottom line07/21/2014
Building a challenge: How a hospital pioneered a medical innovation07/21/2014
An Aha Moment: Partnering Public Health and Traditional Medicine07/21/2014
Are Hospitals Losing Ground to Pharmacy Chains?07/21/2014
Getting Out of a Rut: Why Old School Medicine Needs to Change07/21/2014
Seeing the world through the eyes of your customer: Adrian Slywotzky explains what health care can learn from the tech sector07/20/2014
Malcolm Gladwell on disruptive innovation: The importance of urgency and disagreeableness 07/20/2014
One mom's DIY plan for improving health care: Why patients can't afford patience07/20/2014
Why online doctor reviews are good medicine: Tom Lee makes the case for transparency07/16/2014
From sickness to health? It's all about providing value, says Harvard's Bob Kaplan 06/23/2014
What motivates front-line staff to make care more efficient?05/16/2014
Is big pharma advancing or stalling medical innovation? Former NEJM editor Marcia Angell, M.D. weighs in05/06/2014
Understanding and Navigating Twitter for Health Care Professionals03/04/2014
Rethinking the Health Care Team in a Bundled Payment Environment01/22/2014
Beyond the Textbook: How Digital Media Enhances Learning 01/21/2014
Can a Librarian Make You a Better Student?12/12/2013
Academic Journals and Health Care Transformation11/19/2013
iPads in Medical Education: Gimmick or Legitimate? 11/08/2013
Keeping up in the social media arms race11/08/2013
In Case You Missed It: Activating the Public's Perception of Academic Medicine11/05/2013
3 takeaways about Writing and Publishing from Academic Medicine11/04/2013
Better Doctors Through an Appreciation of the Arts11/04/2013
Using social media to teach, learn and engage in medicine (Audio)11/04/2013
Patient satisfaction, physician engagement and other CMO headaches 11/04/2013
Defining diversity beyond race: A discussion of diversity in medical education11/04/2013
Improving diversity in medicine11/04/2013
Maximizing Value: Are you ready for bundled payments? 11/04/2013
Medical Student Debt: Have We Reached the Tipping Point? 11/04/2013
AAMC 2013: Care by Design (Audio)11/04/2013
What Every Medical Student Fears11/04/2013
Population Health is Precision Medicine for Neighborhoods11/03/2013
Carve out time for scholarship by thinking creatively11/03/2013
Translating vision into action11/03/2013
Navigating Through Change11/03/2013
The unique role of academic medicine11/03/2013
Student Perspective: What Makes a Great Medical Education 11/03/2013
Patient Engagement11/03/2013
Advocacy for Academic Medicine 11/03/2013
Population Health: A New Way of Seeing Things11/03/2013
The Virtuous Cycle11/03/2013
Magic Medical Moments: Being Patient-centric in a Changing Health Care Environment11/03/2013
Breaking down silos11/03/2013
Hotspotting to improve care, lower costs 11/03/2013
Countering Stereotypes of Women and Minorities in Medicine11/03/2013
Rally call: Leaders in academic medicine encouraged to become trailblazers in era of health care reform11/02/2013
Population Health is Precision Medicine for Neighborhoods 11/02/2013
A conversation with Wing of Zock 11/02/2013
'Tony Mail' - A Conversation with Tony Mazzaschi11/02/2013
Medical Student Advocacy 11/02/2013
AAMC 2013: Wing of Zock11/02/2013
Educating the Educators11/02/2013
Wing of Zock interviews Clese Erikson about hotspots and physician workforce issues11/02/2013
AAMC 2013 Preview: State of Physician Workforce Report 11/02/2013
Conversations: Darrell Kirch, M.D., President of AAMC11/02/2013
Health care survival in the future: Who is poised to take the lead?09/04/2013
Should we protect the current health care system or the U.S. economy? We can’t do both, says James Orlikoff08/21/2013
Can the U.S. health care system be rescued by physicians?08/14/2013
What can health care providers learn from car manufacturers about providing greater value?08/05/2013
Can scientific animations lead to new discoveries? Janet Iwasa, Ph.D., says next-generation visualization speeds research07/25/2013
Bundled Payments: Is it time for health care providers to start acting like general contractors?07/15/2013
Why Utah?06/25/2013
How can we make health care affordable and accessible in developing countries?05/03/2013
Could supercomputers like IBM's Watson be a physician's new best friend? Martin Kohn believes it's the future04/17/2013
How can we get better, cheaper therapies from bench to bedside?04/16/2013
How can the FDA help speed up the drug discovery process?04/12/2013
Are on-site health clinics the health care solution for employers?02/20/2013
What are the ways your organization is forcing innovation?12/03/2012
The question is are we going to support it or is it going to have to come from a consumer base?11/30/2012