2012 AAMC - Day Three

Monday – November 5, 2012

What if you gathered together the greatest minds in academic medicine?

Every year, the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) does just that. At the 2012 AAMC, University of Utah Health Sciences sent our Algorithms for Innovation film crew to interview thought leaders from around the country to learn what they were thinking about innovation, creativity, discovery and the future at the 2012 AAMC Annual Meeting in San Francisco.
Here are dispatches from the front lines.#utahinnovation

Dr. Valerie Williams

Vice Provost For Academic Affairs and Faculty Development
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

How can academic medical centers work together to tackle challenges? How can we fully tap the potential of our faculty and find that academic sweet spot?

Mark Laret

Chief Executive Officer
UCSF Medical Center

As leaders, are we willing to step up and fundamentally rethink the way we carry out our work so that we are true to our core purposes and values?

  • Dr. Lorris Betz

    Senior Vice President Emeritus of Health Sciences University of Utah

    Dr. Lorris Betz Video

    How can leaders set the tone that it's ok to be an innovator and to break the molds of tradition?

  • Dr. Peter Slavin

    President Massachusetts General Hospital

    Dr. Peter Slavin Video

    Can we force the health care revolution as academic medicine leaders?

  • Dr. Valerie Montgomery Rice

    Dean & Executive Vice President Morehouse School of Medicine

    Dr. Valerie Montgomery Rice Video

    Can we expand the definition of diversity to include academic diversity?

  • Dr. Charles Lockwood

    Vice President for Health Sciences Ohio State University

    Dr. Charles Lockwood Video

    How can we shift the focus from mostly meeting the needs of the doctors to meeting the needs of the patient?

  • Scott Plutchak

    Interm Director, the edge of Chaos Innowatch Center University of Alabama at Birmingham

    Scott Plutchack Video

    How can the library be the hub that brings people together across disciplines?

  • Dr. Harriet Hopf

    Associate Dean for Academic Affairs University of Utah School of Medicine

    Dr. Harriet Hopf Video

    How do we measure and value the different ways faculty make contributions to academic medicine?

  • Dr. Paula Termuhlen

    General Surgery Residency Program Director Medical College of Wisconsin

    Dr. Paula Termuhlen Video

    How can milestones for residency training allow customized learning and flexible timelines?

Annie Daniel, Ph.D.

Des Moines University

How do we measure tech impact on student achievement?

A. Daniel
Care Vitek
Caer Vitek

Medical Education

How do we master Just in Time learning?

Ryan Koehler


How can we make medical education affordable?

Ryan Koehler
Paul McGuire
Paul McGuire, Ph.D.

Cell Biology and Physiology, University of New Mexico

How do we motivate faculty to change?

Susan Levy

Director of Academic Competencies

How do we include competencies in admissions process?

Susan Levy
Wendy Hobson
Dr. Wendy Hobson - Rohrer

Pediatrics, University of Utah

How can we use more online technology for med edu?

Marissa Nadeau


How can we help patients use Internet effectively to better their healthcare?

Marissa Nadeau
Jody Steinauer
Dr. Jody Steinauer


How do we help students develop empathy?

Mark Davis
David Linville

East Tennessee State University

How do we fund resident training away from hospital into rural community?

Jeffrey Rabek, Ph.D.

Student Affairs & Admissions, The University of Texas Medical Branch

How do we balance increased class size with residency slots?

Jeffrey Rabek