2012 AAMC - Day Two

Sunday – November 4, 2012

What if you gathered together the greatest minds in academic medicine?

Every year, the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) does just that. At the 2012 AAMC, University of Utah Health Sciences sent our Algorithms for Innovation film crew to interview thought leaders from around the country to learn what they were thinking about innovation, creativity, discovery and the future at the 2012 AAMC Annual Meeting in San Francisco.
Here are dispatches from the front lines.#utahinnovation

Dr. Eric Topol

Director, Scripps Translational Science Institute

Are we going to embrace the health IT revolution for truly individualized care?

  • Dr. Marsha Rappley

    Dean, Michigan State University

    Dr. Marsha Rappley Video

    Shouldn't it be our goal to deliver health care to everyone in this nation?

  • Dr. Michelle Lin

    Emergency Medicine, UCSF

    Dr. Michelle Lin Video

    What if we could make online simulations accessible to all?

  • Dr. Elisabeth Kunkel

    Psychiatry, Jefferson Medical College

    Dr. Elisabeth Kunkel Video

    How can we accommodate patient needs and comfort with technology as medicine goes digital?

Dr. Renuka Gera

Pediatric Hematology-Oncology, Michigan State University

Can the AAMC develop a platform where we can have a central repository for core information?

Renuka Gera MD
Paul Lyons, MD
Dr. Paul Lyons

Sr. Assoc. Dean, Education, UC Riverside

What if the communities we serve wrote our mission statements?

Dr. Andre Campbell

Surgery, UCSF

How can we find inexpensive technology to teach the next generation of physicians?

Andre Campbell, MD
Dr. Hayes Bautista
Dr. David Hayes-Bautista

Medicine, UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine

I believe 99% of us have potential genius within us. How do we tap into that, and build on it?

Brett Thomas


Could a fixed fee scale provide more access for low income patients?

Brett Thomas
Danielle Walker

Med Student - Texas Tech University

How can we recognize that sometimes most innovative concepts come from the smallest ideas?

Danielle Walker
Kevin Grigsby
Kevin Grigsby, D.S.W.


How do we improve the health of everyone?

Dr. Theodore Sanford
Dr. Theodore Sanford

Anesthesiology, University of Michigan

How can we find med students who can take apart a piano in the dark and put it back together

Dr. Harriet Hopf

Anesthesiology, University of Utah

How do we find a way to value indispensable faculty contributions?

Harriet Hopf, MD