Mission-Based Management

What do you look like online to current and prospective patients?

Did you know that you show up higher in an online search for your name or your specialty if you have a more complete profile in the MBM system? To represent yourself well and improve patient search results complete the clinical and academic biography sections located in your Faculty Profile in the Mission-Based Management Information System (MBMIS). The system is copy and paste friendly so if you already have biographies located elsewhere you can easily paste them into the system.

Clinical Biography

Brief bio that describes clinical interests and expertise and displays in Find-a-Physician.

Example: http://healthcare.utah.edu/fad/mddetail.php?physicianID=FM00002981

Academic Biography

Brief bio that describes research or teaching interests and expertise. Displays in Find-a-Physician and potentially on department home pages.

Example: http://healthcare.utah.edu/fad/mddetail.php?physicianID=u0248871#tabAcademic   













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