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Build Your Own CV (BYOCV) Format Tool

The Mission-Based Management Office would like to remind you of our new “Build Your Own CV” (BYOCV) format tool.   This new tool allows faculty and staff to generate CVs in custom layouts/formats in addition to the existing College formats.  BYOCV is a big step towards eliminating the need to personally save multiple versions of the CV for different audiences. 

A few of the features include the ability to:

  • Save as many different formats as you would like (e.g. by presentation type, research-topic). You’ve already entered your CV data; present it in a variety of formats/layouts.
  • Organize CV categories, create new groupings and re-name existing headings
  • Specify general sorting rules for a format and still have the option to custom sort, rank or highlight entries within each category
  • Load the CV directly from the format tool for easy viewing

We invite you to try out the new “Build Your Own CV” format tool and explore the options available to you.   Once you’ve logged into MBM, just click the “Build My CV Formats” link in the left navigation

If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions, please feel free to contact the Mission Based Management office at 801-585-7552.













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