Building Bonds and Funding Our Future

At the University of Utah Health Sciences, philanthropy takes on many forms. It means partnering with the community to advance health, science and education for the state of Utah and the world around us. It means developing stronger relationships with donors who care as deeply as we do about health sciences innovation, and who can help us in our mission to deliver the best possible clinical care, foster collaboration between clinicians and researchers, and train the health care providers of the future.

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Remembering Our Humanity in Clinical Care

Every once in a while, an opportunity arises for us to impact the world around us and to demonstrate our humanity in the midst of the hardest trials. While only in her third year of medical school at the University of Utah, Daniela Anderson (MS2018) is already providing care, hope and love through her gifted storytelling and intricate watercolor paintings in her moving children’s book, The Moon Prince and the Sea.

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Imagine Perfect Care

This week we came together to realize a vision that harnesses the power of our entire health system to make care even better. With the help of a broad group of administrators, faculty, staff and students we successfully launched the Imagine Perfect Care Resource Center.

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Having Worked with One of the Best

If you’re lucky in your career, you occasionally have the opportunity to work with truly unique talent. The only problem with truly unique talent is that the more successful they are, the more the rest of the world wants a piece of them. Such is the case with our Hospitals and Clinics CEO, David Entwistle, who is leaving us May 27 to become the president and CEO of Stanford Health Care.

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The 'Best of Times'

This week, in addition to 48 students who will earn their Ph.D.’s, 130 who will receive Masters’ degrees, and 31 undergraduates who will advance, a new class of 81 Utah medical students will become physicians.

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