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American College of Surgeons, SLC Quality Summit

A Who's Who list of health industry leaders gathered at the Utah Capitol on Oct. 3 to share how they're delivering more efficient, high quality health care. I had the pleasure of participating in the event, sponsored by the American College of Surgeons - and was proud to showcase some of University of Utah Health Sciences' victories in the volume-to-value revolution.

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Restore NIH Purchasing Power

As the senior vice president of the University of Utah Health Sciences (UUHS), I have the privilege of working with some of the top researchers in the country who have devoted their lives to making discoveries that will change others' lives for the better.

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The Promise of Personalized Medicine

Being a physician is a privilege and heavy responsibility. People come to you at their most vulnerable, in pain and distress. Most often we can provide answers, a path forward--not always a cure, at least restorative treatments and hope. There are limits to human knowledge and there are times when we come up empty, unable to offer even the simplest comfort of a diagnosis.

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Chase Peterson, 1929-2014

Chase Peterson sadly passed away this week at the age of 84 after a complicated bout of pneumonia. He served as Senior Vice President of Health Sciences from 1978-1983 before being asked to serve as President of the University. By the time I got to know Chase he was transitioning into retirement from the University. This gave me the opportunity to know him and his remarkable wife, Grethe, in a way that I might not have had I met them earlier in his hectic career.

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Elder Russell M. Nelson, M.D., '47

Russell Nelson's life and career are marked by service--to his patients and family, his church, his country and to science.

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Regulatory obstacles just one barrier to personalized medicine

If past performance is the best indicator of future outcomes, then concerted, national efforts to advance the science of personalized medicine are a good bet.

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White Coat Ceremonies 2014

Most physicians, dentists, pharmacists, nurses, and physician's assistants in practice have never experienced the White Coat ceremony that our first year medical students and dental students at the University of Utah celebrated this week.

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