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Culture Meets Science in Discovery

Ever heard the nickname "Happy Valley?" Not the one 45 miles South of Salt Lake City. I'm talking about the one nearly 14,000 miles from here in Dharmshala, India. Home to many Tibetan refugees, this similarly nicknamed village is not the only connection we have to the other side of this planet.

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Determining the Costs of Healthcare

By now, many of you know our mantra: We have to know the cost of healthcare in order to improve the value we deliver.

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The Exceptional Patient Experience and How Far We've Come

"Regardless of what we think, patient care isn't excellent unless the patient thinks it is."--A. Lorris Betz

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Where is the "Health" in Health Care?

Accountability in health care is a double-edged sword. On one edge, health care delivery systems, which in the face of health care reform must be accountable to deliver the right care, to the right patient, at the right time. On the other edge, our patients, who, often as their own best medicine, must be accountable for their lifestyles as best their individual circumstances allow.

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The Remarkably Unassuming Life of Richard "Dick" Stimson

As a scientist by nature, life never ceases to amaze me. Take, for example, the remarkably unassuming life of Dick Stimson. Dick did not wear his wealth or successes on his sleeve. Instead, he carried his heart there and offered its endless compassion to those who needed it most.

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We Can Manage What We Can Measure

Recent headlines about health care costs via Bloomberg and Modern Healthcare indicate that health care costs in the United States are set to grow to 20% of our GDP in the coming years. With a rise in the number of our insured population, new and expensive specialty drugs entering the market, and the baby boomer generation "getting on" in years, among others, the market is putting greater demands on health care systems around the nation.

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Big Advice From Mario Capecchi

We should all be as unbound in our worldviews as Nobel Laureate Dr. Mario Capecchi, who spoke last weekend at the School of Medicine class of 2014 commencement. At commencement, he shared his dynamic passions for discovery and research. In it, he questioned the boundaries and explored the impact of science that this generation could see --

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