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Earth Day Underscores Continued Need for Green in Our Health Care System

Since 1970, Earth Day has been a driving force for environmental protection and awareness in our country, and across the globe. This year, Earth Day was celebrated in more than 192 countries and the invaluable lessons gleaned from this event can, and should be applied during a time of "less resources and more need" in the health care world.

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TEDMED: Treating People Not Patients

America Bracho, director of a community advocacy group, Latina Health Access, delivered an impassioned presentation about the importance of engaging the community to improve the health of their kids and families. She challenged the framework that she believes we in health care have constructed: Physicians and health care providers as the people with talent and expertise, and patients as the people with needs¿not necessarily talent or expertise.

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The Amazing Genome of a Jurassic Fish

In a study that graces the cover of Nature this week, an international group of scientists, including three University of Utah human genetics and biology researchers, show that this ancient fish has a lot to teach about how life evolved on Earth, particularly the evolution of land animals from sea life.

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Sequestration Threatens Research and Education at the University of Utah

They are breakthroughs that have changed the landscape of medicine not only in Utah but also around the globe: Researchers who identified genes that predispose certain people to breast cancer. Scientists who learned how snail venom could be used as a painkiller. Specialists who have developed drug therapies that can add years to a cancer patient¿s life. The list goes on, and all of these groundbreaking discoveries occurred at the University of Utah. Now, as a result of sequestration, we fear we could be telling fewer of these remarkable stories in the future.

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Remembering Cleone Peterson Eccles

There are few people in the world who touch so many lives, with the generosity, grace, and dedication of Cleone Peterson Eccles, whose passing on April 5 we mourn with great sadness. As President Pershing so eloquently wrote, "The University of Utah family mourns the loss of Cleone Peterson Eccles. Her innumerable contributions and generosity of spirit have made The University of Utah and the State of Utah a better place."

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A Remarkable Match Day

So many remarkable things going on here at the University of Utah. There are not enough hours in the day for me to share them all with with you. This one, I had to share.

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