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Football Season and the Start of the School Year

This time of year is one of my favorite because it's the start of a new school year and that means, among other things, the start of the football season. Having lived in New York City for 14 years, it feels great to be back on a campus that really appreciates college football, and has a Pac-12 team, no less. I'd venture to say that the University of Utah football fans rival the intensity of those at the University of Oklahoma (where I grew up). For me, the same crimson and white colors have made it an effortless transition to go from OU fan to Ute fan!

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My Message to the Class of 2016

On Friday I had the privilege of welcoming the newest class of medical students (as well as their family and friends) to campus and presenting them with their first white coats. I'm pleased to share an excerpt of my remarks from this wonderful annual event.

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Introducing the Medical School's 'Dream Team'

I'm pleased to announce the appointment of three very talented women to important leadership positions in the School of Medicine. Drs. Carrie Byington, Harriet Hopf, and Wendy Hobson-Rohrer will lead the school's academic affairs and faculty development efforts -- areas I consider to be among the most important initiatives for our future success.

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Video Diary - Northern Utah Road Trip

I recently had the chance to join U of U President David Pershing on another leg of his ongoing Great Red Road Trip. This time, we visited northern Utah and visited some great companies. We also had the chance to meet with government and community leaders in a number of towns. My favorite part of the visit was meeting with premed students in the beautiful town of Logan -- home to Utah State University. I invite you to watch this video recap of the trip and let me know what you think.

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AVP for Strategy -- Study, Analyze, Plan, Implement, Monitor

Among the business and administrative communities, the word "strategic," like "vision" and "synergy," is among the most overused and, consequently, misunderstood terms. So I'd like to take the chance to articulate as clearly as I can what I expect from Grant Lasson, our new associate vice president for strategy, and what it might mean for the health sciences.

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Inclusion: Tapping Human Capacity

As you may already know, we are delighted to have recruited Evelyn Gopez, M.D., as our new AVP for Inclusion. Many of you know Evelyn in her roles in the pathology department and as assistant dean for diversity and community outreach, and I'm sure you agree she brings terrific experience and perspective to her new position.

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Women In Science, Women In Leadership

I heard a very interesting story on NPR recently. Toni Schmader of the University of British Columbia and Matthias Mehl of the University of Arizona used recording devices to drop in on people's conversations intermittently, 30 seconds every 12 minutes to capture insights into social interactions and human psychology. Their results are yielding provocative results about why women are dropping out of careers in science at alarming rates.

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