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Restore NIH Purchasing Power09/25/2014
The Promise of Personalized Medicine09/18/2014
Chase Peterson, 1929-201409/15/2014
Elder Russell M. Nelson, M.D., '4709/12/2014
Regulatory obstacles just one barrier to personalized medicine09/01/2014
White Coat Ceremonies 201408/26/2014
Culture Meets Science in Discovery08/19/2014
Determining the Costs of Healthcare08/14/2014
The Exceptional Patient Experience and How Far We've Come08/07/2014
Where is the "Health" in Health Care?08/01/2014
The Remarkably Unassuming Life of Richard "Dick" Stimson07/17/2014
We Can Manage What We Can Measure07/03/2014
Big Advice From Mario Capecchi05/30/2014
Remembering Tye Noorda04/08/2014
Impossible Problems in Australia and New Zealand04/02/2014
University of Utah Health Sciences' SVP Testifies Before Health and Human Services Subcommittee in Washington, D.C.03/25/2014
Improved air quality in Utah is important for health and economics03/10/2014
Preparing Utah for Looming Primary Care Physician Shortage03/03/2014
A New Model For Funding Research02/21/2014
Sharing Perspectives on Health Care Reform02/14/2014
The Organization That Will Revolutionize Health Care01/27/2014
Aligning a New Year to a Successful 201301/01/2014
The Appreciated and Unintended Consequence of Scholarship12/02/2013
Remembering Dr. Thomas D. Rees and Tammy Morgan11/19/2013
Transforming Academic Medicine Is Easy. Just Google It.11/08/2013
How to Take Down a Building: Health Sciences Master Planning10/09/2013
Confessions of a Kevin Pearce Groupie09/30/2013
Welcome to the SOM Class of 201709/03/2013
Fresh Start: 2013 School Year Kicks Off With Exciting Changes08/26/2013
How to Hit a Moving Goal Post? Play a Different Game.08/19/2013
Goodbye Twinkies, Be Well Utah08/12/2013
Lessons From Ghana: U.S. Health Care Reform Driving on the Right Side07/23/2013
Lessons From Ghana: Universal Right to Health Care Hindered "Only" By Access07/16/2013
Lessons From Ghana: Medicine is Leadership in Communal Abrafu Odumase07/09/2013
Shaping the Future of Asthma Care Collaboration and Innovation at UUHS 06/27/2013
Be a Driver of Change06/12/2013
When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Need to Get Transparent06/04/2013
New Leadership in Nursing, Surgery and Dentistry05/31/2013
Dean Keefe Retires, Leaving A Nursing College Better Than She Found It05/23/2013
Becoming the Best Academic Medical Center05/06/2013
Earth Day Underscores Continued Need for Green in Our Health Care System05/02/2013
TEDMED: Treating People Not Patients04/22/2013
The Amazing Genome of a Jurassic Fish04/18/2013
Sequestration Threatens Research and Education at the University of Utah04/13/2013
Remembering Cleone Peterson Eccles04/09/2013
A Remarkable Match Day04/05/2013
L.S. "Sam" Skaggs--Business Leader, Philanthropist03/21/2013
Health Care "Market" Matters03/15/2013
A Pigeon Worth Looking Up To: Science Magazine Cover03/06/2013
The Future Of Academic Research Looks Bright02/25/2013
Utah Citizenship And A Remarkable Legislative Process02/13/2013
Embracing Transparency: Valuing Patients As Informed Consumers02/04/2013
A Focus On Primary Care: Utah's Physician Shortage And Senate Bill 4201/30/2013
Your Voices: The Key To A Better Tomorrow01/28/2013
Reflections on 2012 - A Year of Great Success12/26/2012
What We Can Learn from Other Colleagues in Education12/05/2012
Homer Warner -- Founder of Biomedical Informatics11/30/2012
So Much to Be Proud of Part II - Dean Li11/26/2012
So Much to Be Proud of Part I11/26/2012
Digital Connections: The Voices of Innovation Project11/06/2012
Lessons for Academic Medicine from the Khan Academy11/05/2012
Health Care Heroes Among Us10/14/2012
Transforming the Future of Medicine - The Utah Genome Project10/08/2012
The Flying Doc of East Africa - Thomas Rees10/02/2012
Dr. DeVries and the 30th Anniversary of the Artificial Heart10/01/2012
Women Medical School Deans and a Culture of Encouragement 09/24/2012
The Remarkable Career of Kirtly Parker Jones09/09/2012
Unique Utah Partnership Brings Ophthalmic Services to Trinidad-Tobago09/07/2012
Football Season and the Start of the School Year 08/29/2012
My Message to the Class of 201608/19/2012
Introducing the Medical School's 'Dream Team'08/16/2012
Video Diary - Northern Utah Road Trip08/13/2012
AVP for Strategy -- Study, Analyze, Plan, Implement, Monitor08/08/2012
Inclusion: Tapping Human Capacity08/08/2012
Women In Science, Women In Leadership08/01/2012
Polo For a Good Cause07/12/2012
President Pershing's Great Red Road Trip07/12/2012
On the Brink of Important Genetic Discoveries at the U06/25/2012
A "Typical" Day in My Life06/19/2012
Each of Us Can Help Make a LEAN Organization06/15/2012
Transported by the Passionate Voice of Terry Tempest Williams06/12/2012
New Center for Medical Innovation06/10/2012
Congratulations to the Class of 201206/01/2012
Our College of Pharmacy Researchers and Their Impact on Korea05/31/2012
The Importance of Knowing Our Costs05/31/2012
Student Innovations Inspire the Inventor in All of Us05/16/2012
Better Isn't Good Enough - Challenging the Imaging Community05/11/2012
Keys to Keeping an Organization in Top Form05/05/2012
The Betz Boardroom04/30/2012
Health Care Reform and Our Readiness04/18/2012
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