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Polo For a Good Cause

One year ago, on an early Saturday morning, I woke up in New York City, tiptoed out of the house, and caught a cab to JFK airport. By midday, I'd arrived in Salt Lake City. There, I rented a car and headed out to the South Jordan Equestrian park where I was welcomed, practically regaled, by none other than a bagpipe trio. As I ventured past the trio, I entered into an enormous tent, with perfect white meringue-like peaks reminiscent of the Denver airport. I discovered hundreds of men and women decked out in their Sunday finest adorned in elaborate hats, sipping lemonade and champagne as they gazed out over pristine polo fields.

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President Pershing's Great Red Road Trip

What do the Blue Bunny ice cream factory, Dixie College, Steton Technologies, the Utah Center for Rural Health, and Southern Utah University have in common? They're all great Utah landmarks and all part of the many visits made in the St. George/Cedar City part of President Pershing's Great Red Road Trip. Organized by Jason Perry in the President's office, several members of the cabinet headed out for the first leg of the road trip¿in a bright white bus wrapped in signature Utah colors and the Great Red Road Trip logo¿and we had a ball.

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