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Our College of Pharmacy Researchers and Their Impact on Korea

A few weeks ago, I visited Seoul, Korea, with the Dean of the College of Pharmacy, Chris Ireland. For two days, we met with a wide range of folks in Incheon, the third largest city in Korea, about one hour east of Seoul, and, importantly, 30 min from the international airport. In Incheon, the Korean government is setting up an International Free Economic Zone, with the intention of growing biotechnology and attracting international patients as part of their health care growth strategy.

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The Importance of Knowing Our Costs

Recently, Robert Kaplan and Michael Porter, noted professors at the Harvard Business School, published an editorial in the New York Times entitled, "Why Medical Bills Are a Mystery". They point out that one of the key reasons our nation is still struggling with the challenge of rising health care costs is that we, as an industry, simply do not know our costs. Because we do not know our costs, we are also unable to weigh up the costs and benefits of what we do compared to the outcomes we want to achieve.

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Student Innovations Inspire the Inventor in All of Us

On a beautiful spring evening, I had the privilege of attending an event at Rice-Eccles Stadium that gave me insight into what a remarkable generation of students we have and how much we have to learn from them. I left the event wondering how these young women and men were going to transform science and medicine in ways we never thought possible. I also wondered what influence their enthusiasm, vision, and willingness to work together will have on older generations like mine.

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Better Isn't Good Enough - Challenging the Imaging Community

A couple of weeks ago I spent two days in Melbourne, Australia. It was a difficult time for me to be away from Salt Lake City (I spent only 8 hours more on the ground than in transit), but I squeezed in the trip to attend one of my favorite scientific meetings, the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, an organization of over 6,000 professionals devoted to MRI, including a combination of MD's and PhD's and representatives from all over the world.

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Keys to Keeping an Organization in Top Form

Ed Catmull, this year's University of Utah commencement speaker, is a remarkably generous individual. A graduate of both the undergraduate and graduate programs in Computer Science at the U (as well as a degree in physics), Catmull went on to work for Lucas films and then became cofounder and CEO of Pixar, overseeing the development of award-winning favorites like Finding Nemo, Toy Story, Cars, and Up. Pixar transformed the motion picture industry, developing sophisticated computer-generated animations that appeal to all ages.

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