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Health Care Heroes Among Us

Each year the editors at Utah Business magazine select some of Utah's most dedicated health care providers, volunteers and executives to honor as health care heroes. This year we had an unprecedented number of University-affiliated heroes honored by the magazine. Each has a remarkable story.

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Transforming the Future of Medicine - The Utah Genome Project

I'm not prone to exaggerating or making grandiose statements, but I'm about to say something that sounds like each of those things: The University of Utah is poised to transform the future of medicine. How? By tapping into rich databases of family trees and identifying genes at the root of such devastating and fatal diseases as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and many others. That's a big claim, but one I sincerely believe we are positioned to make happen through an initiative we just launched called the Utah Genome Project.

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The Flying Doc of East Africa - Thomas Rees

Dr. Thomas D. Rees is not only a well known U of U medical school alumni and NYC plastic surgeon, he's an author and co-founder of the Flying Doctors of East Africa (now known as AMRAF). At this year's medical school alumni weekend we honored him with the Distinguished Humanitarian Award.

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Dr. DeVries and the 30th Anniversary of the Artificial Heart

This December,it will be the 30th anniversary of an event in Utah history that made the names Barney Clark and Dr. Bill DeVries household names across America and all over the world. Dr. Bill DeVries, fresh out of his training in cardiothoracic surgery from Duke University, performed the first successful artificial heart implantation in Barney Clark at the University of Utah. As Dr. DeVries recounts, ¿success¿ was defined by the IRB as Clark coming out of the surgery alive. In fact Clark lived 112 days.

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