Research & Administrative Support

Responsibilities / Roles

Administrative Support Staff

Gail Schad
Phone: (801) 585-7690

Administrative Assistant
Provides administrative support for Pain Research Center faculty and staff; schedules and coordinates weekly didactic lecture seminars
Patricia Bradshaw
Phone: (801) 581-3068
Grants and Contracts Manager
Provides expert budgetary and grant preparation guidance on research proposals; manages pre- and post-award grants and contracts
Research Support Staff
David Lipschitz, PhD
Phone: (801) 585-7754
Investigator / Study Manager
Works with the research faculty as project manager to facilitate the conduct of clinical and scientific research studies; prepares research manuscripts
Reiko Mitsunaga, RN
Phone: (801) 585-7695
Senior Research Nurse
Works with the Pain Research Center investigators to design and implement clinical research protocols; provides the Anesthesiology Department with guidance in uTRAC clinical trial oversight and REDcap database design
Yuri Kida, MSW
Phone: (801) 585-7697
Research Coordinator
Works with the research faculty to coordinate administrative and operational details involved in a clinical or research study; manages research studies in an administrative and operational capacity; oversees study progress and quality assurance; maintains study records
Eli Iacob, PhD
Phone: (801) 581-4232
Post Doctoral Fellow
Develops clinical research skills focusing on neuroscience, behavioral science, and advanced statistical models in the field of pain medicine research
Ariel Neikrug, PhD
Phone: (801) 587-0264
Post Doctoral Fellow
Developing clinical research skills and programs focusing on sleep, circadian rhythms, and behavioral health in chronic pain patient populations
Kolby Leonardi
Phone: (801) 581-8237
Research Assistant
Works with the research faculty to interview, recruit, and track the progress of study participants; maintains study records

Collaborating Physicians from the Pain Management Center