Grant Funding

2012 - 2013 Grant Programs

Utah Genome Project Partnership Grants

The Utah Genome Project Partnership Grants Program will support the development of relevant resources for and/or the performance of genomic analysis in families with well-characterized clinical phenotypes. As part of the larger, long-term vision of the Utah Genome Project, this Program will fund pilot projects that use Utah Population Database resources to identify, ascertain, phenotype and study high-risk pedigrees that, with appropriate genome/exome sequencing technologies, are highly likely to identify genetic determinants of human diseases, traits or therapeutic response/non-response. Pre-proposal deadline: September 14, 2012. View details and application instructions.

Personalized Health Care Travel Grants

Personalized Health Care Travel Grants provide funding for University of Utah faculty member and trainee travel to national personalized health care conferences, contributing to the  development of a robust community of experts in this growing field. Application deadline: November 5, 2012View application instructions.

2011 - 2012 Grant Programs

During 2011-2012, the Program in Personalized Health Care awarded 11 one-year grants designed to foster the advancement of personalized health care work at the University:

Human DNA Sequencing Grant Program

Six awards were made through the Human DNA Sequencing Grant Program, which provided funding for genome sequencing of previously collected and characterized biosamples. View Human DNA Sequencing Grant Awards.

Pilot Projects Grant Program

Five awards were made through the Pilot Projects Grant Program, which provided seed money for conducting education, research or clinical work aimed at introducing and improving methods for individualized patient care.View Pilot Project Grant Awards.

Travel Grants

The 2011-2012 Personalized Health Care Travel Grants Program supported the attendance of nine University of Utah faculty members and trainees at national personalized health care conferences.