In addition to education, and the multitude of avenues and services that The University of Utah Health Sciences Center provides, our faculty and staff conduct, collaborate and initiate research. We advance knowledge through innovative, basic and clinical research and translate our discoveries into applications that help people.

The University of Utah is ranked among the top 30 public research universities in the nation with particular distinctions in medicine and genetics. As a result of our benchmarking research, the university received over $309 million in research and student aid funding from external sources and ranks 15th in the nation for significant awards to faculty for research efforts.

Research in the health sciences spans many fields of study. From genetics, to molecular biology – from biomedical engineering to drug and pharmaceutical research; University of Utah researchers are on the leading edge of the development and enhancement of knowledge in the medical and health sciences.

Health Sciences

Clinical Trials

As the only academic medical center in the Intermountain West, our faculty provide not only exceptional patient care, they also teach and perform research in a continuous effort to bring the latest medical advancements to the bedside.

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