People of UGP

UGP Executive Steering Committee

Jahn Barlow


Resource for Genetic Epidemiologic Research (RGE)

Mary Beckerle

Executive Director

Huntsman Cancer Institute

Joe Borgenicht

Director, Brand Communications

University of Utah Health

Lisa Cannon-Albright

Division Chief

Genetic Epidemiology

Ed Clark


University of Utah Medical Group

John Hoidal


Internal Medicine

Lynn Jorde


Human Genetics

Vivian Lee

Senior Vice President for Health Sciences, Dean

Health Sciences Center, School of Medicine

Dean Li

Associate Vice President for Research

Health Sciences Center

Larry Meyer

Associate Chief of Staff, Research; National Director for Genomic Medicine for the VAMC

SLC Veterans Administration Medical Center

Deb Neklason

Research Associate Professor

Huntsman Cancer Institute - High Risk Clinical Research Unit

Christopher Nelson

Executive Director

Hospital Foundation

Randall Olson

Chair, Chief Executive Officer

Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences, John A. Moran Eye Center

Thomas Parks

Vice President for Research

Office of the Vice President for Research

Peter Jensen

Chair, Chairman of the Board

Pathology, ARUP Laboratories

Chris Smith

University of Utah Health Development

Interim Associate Vice President

Elizabeth Winter

Chief of Staff

Office of the Senior Vice President for Health Sciences

UGP Scientific Advisory Board

Steven Bleyl

Associate Professor


Brad Cairns

Senior Director of Basic Science, Co-chair

Huntsman Cancer Institute, Oncological Sciences

Nicola Camp


Division of Genetic Epidemiology, Internal Medicne, and Huntsman Cancer Institute Cancer Control and Population Sciences Program

Jorge Contreras

Associate Professor

College of Law

Willard Dere

Executive Director

Program in Personalized Health

Lynn Jorde

Executive Director

Utah Genome Project

L. Charles Murtaugh

Associate Professor

Human Genetics

Deb Neklason

Program Director

Utah Genome Project

Ken Smith

Professor, Director

Family and Consumer Studies, Pedigree and Population Resource (which supports the Utah Population Database)

Sean Tavtigian


Huntsman Cancer Institute

Michael Varner


Program in Personalized Health Care

David Viskochil

Professor, Director, Medical Director

Pediatrics, Clinical Genetics Services, U of U Graduate Program in Genetic Counseling

Karl Voelkerding

Professor, Director

Pathology, Molecular Pathology Fellowship at ARUP

Mark Yandell


Human Genetics

Joseph Yost


Neurobiology and Anatomy

Contact UGP

Lynn Jorde

Executive Director, Utah Genome Project

Deb Neklason

Program Director, Utah Genome Project