The Utah Genome Project is a large-scale, genome sequencing and analysis initiative to discover new disease-causing genes and develop genetic diagnostics and precision therapies. It is unique among genome initiatives because instead of studying unrelated individuals, it follows inherited mutations passed down through multiple generations, and through large familes, a powerful and proven method for uncovering genetic signatures of disease and drug response. Utah Genome Project investigators leverage the Utah Population Database, the world’s largest repository of genealogies, public health and medical records, housed at the University of Utah Health Sciences and Huntsman Cancer Institute.

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Metagenomics Tool Could Change How Infectious Diseases are Diagnosed

May 26, 2016

Infectious disease still remains a significant problem in medicine. For instance, the vast majority of upper respiratory infections - which can led to difficulty breathing, fever and hospitalizations ...Read More


New Treatment Could Prevent Leading Cause of Death in Hereditary Colon Cancer Survivors

Apr 21, 2016

Those born with the inherited genetic condition, familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP), have a nearly 100 percent lifetime risk for colon cancer. Let that sink in for a moment - they WILL get cancer if...Read More