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Experts say meth use still a serious problem in Utah

May 30, 2011

After Andy Wendell Purcell was killed in Provo on May 16, police concluded that Yuri Sanchez Lara had paid to have Purcell shot. But Sanchez Lara didn't pay for the crime in cash, police say, he paid with meth.

The incident highlights ongoing problems with what experts describe as an uncommonly destructive substance. Sgt. Gary Powell of the Provo Police Department -- who spent years busting and dismantling meth labs -- said that meth dominates its users' lives. He added that despite having a possibly lower profile in recent years, the drug is still widely used in Utah.

"The meth epidemic is still huge," he said.

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Adderall abuse can cause serious long-term damage

May 17th, 2011

Students across the country are abusing a prescription drug typically used to treat ADHD. It's the so-called "smart drug" also known as a "study buddy" called Adderall. Experts say one in 10 people use it without a prescription. "If it was like before finals or something and you'd get these messages on our campus messaging system," said John McIntosh, a graduate student at the University Of Utah College Of Pharmacy. "Everybody would get them. People either requesting or selling Adderall Ritalin, stuff like that." That was McIntosh's experience as an undergrad at a New York University. Here in Utah, the abuse continues. Read More: KSL.com

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Study: Teenage smoking increases likelihood of severe addiction

July 10th, 2008

Research already shows the genetic makeup of some people can increase their risk of addiction. But a new study of almost 3000 smokers just released by scientists in Utah and Wisconsin is even more sobering.

This new discovery shows a specific genetic variation, which can express itself in up to 40 percent of European-American populations, increases their risk of becoming lifelong heavy smokers if they begin smoking before the age 17.

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