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Research Participant Stories - For the Good of the Community

A story about how clinical trials are improving healthcare for all.

What is Clinical Research?

Why is it important to participate in clinical trials?

Research Participant Stories - Advancing Medicine through Research

Whit Coleman's story of research participation and the benefits participation brings.

Research Participant Stories - Michael Nebeker

Michael Nebeker's story of participating in clinical research at the University of Utah.

Research Participant Stories - Risks and Benefits

A story about weighing the risks and benefits of participating in clinical trials.

Sex and Gender Differences Dr. Langell

Dr. Langell describes the importance of sex and gender differences research from the perspective of a physician and as the Executive Director of the Center for Medical Innovation.

Sex and Gender Differences - Dr. Kathleen Digre

Dr. Kathleen Digre discusses the importance of awareness of sex and gender differences in education and research.

Sex and Gender Differences - Linda Edelman

Sex and gender differences aren't just physiological. Assistant Professor Linda Edelman explains.

Men in a pregnancy study?

University of Utah researcher Christy Porucznik explains why.