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Why Utah?

Some of the world's most brilliant minds are choosing to transform science and medicine in one particular place.

Gerontology Interdisciplinary Program 2013

A six-minute informational clip explaining the Gerontology Masters and Certificate programs and their applications through faculty, graduate, and student

Knowledge Acquisition for Decision Support

Speaker: Mollie Poynton, PhD, APRN, BC; April 2, 2010

Translating Research into Everyday Practice: Examples and Reflections on the Future

Speaker: Susan Beck, PhD, APRN, FAAN; September 16, 2011

Dean Morton

Forging a New Era of Opportunity for Nursing

What We Learned About Research Measurement in a CBPR Research Study with People with Disabilities

Speakers: Lauren Clark, RN, PhD, FAAN; and Beth Cardell, MS, OTR/L; November 19, 2012

WHRAG Research, Projects, and Experiences, 2011

Title: Women's Health Research Affinity Group (WHRAG): Research, Projects, and Experiences; Speakers: Gwen Latendresse, PhD, CNM; Jane Dyer, CNM, MBA, PhD, FACNM; Pat Murphy, CNM, DrPh, FACNM; Katie Ward, DNP, WHNP, ANP; Kathy Sward, PhD, RN; Ann Deneris, PhD, CNM, FACNM; Leissa Roberts, CNM, DNP; Erin Rothwell, PhD, TRS, STRS, CRSS; Bob Wong, PhD; December 2, 2011