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WHRAG Research, Projects, and Experiences, 2011

Title: Women's Health Research Affinity Group (WHRAG): Research, Projects, and Experiences; Speakers: Gwen Latendresse, PhD, CNM; Jane Dyer, CNM, MBA, PhD, FACNM; Pat Murphy, CNM, DrPh, FACNM; Katie Ward, DNP, WHNP, ANP; Kathy Sward, PhD, RN; Ann Deneris, PhD, CNM, FACNM; Leissa Roberts, CNM, DNP; Erin Rothwell, PhD, TRS, STRS, CRSS; Bob Wong, PhD; December 2, 2011

Rural Nurse training

Rural health training program brings knowledge of rural, specialized nurses together.

Using Data to Inform Practice: Screening for STI Risk

Speaker: Patricia Murphy, CNM, DrPH, FACNM; March 30, 2012

Happy 40th Anniversary to the Gerontology Interdisciplinary Center

Dinny Trabert speaking about gerontology interdiscplinary center

Intro to the Caring Contiuum

Learn about the needs of the College of Nursing and how you can make a difference.

College of Nursing Simulation Center Introduction

Carolynn Scheese introduces the SIM center and shows what the center can provide students.

BirthCare HealthCare - Innovations in Practice

Speakers: Gwen Latendresse, PhD, CNM and Celest Thomas, MS, CNM; November 16, 2012