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05/15/2013 - Treating Disease Pre-emptively

Cellular Therapy in the Fetus for the Treatment of Anticipated Postnatal Disease

05/29/2013 - Erik Pearson, M.D. / Andrew Singleton, M.D.

My Career Development Year - Kelly Hewitt, M.D. MSCI Outline - Jesse Madsen, M.D.

06/11/2014 - Post-Operative Pathways to Improve Surgical Outcomes: Efficacy and Room for Improvement?

David Tom Cooke, MD, FCCP. FACS
Head, Section of General Thoracic Surgery
Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery
UC Davis

01/29/14 - N. Jewel Samadder

Surgery Grand Rounds

02/12/14 - Bethanie White

Surgery grand rounds

09/10/2014 - Strong for Surgery

Thomas K. Varghese Jr. MD, MS, FACS
Medical Director, Strong for Surgery
Director of Thoracic Surgery, Harborview Medical Center
Associate Professor, Division Cardiothoracic Surgery Surgery, University of Washington

09/17/14 - Richard D. Schulick, MD, MBA, FACS

Richard D. Schulick, MD, MBA, FACS