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Patients at the Center

Margaret Pearce, Ph.D., R.N. Chief Nursing Officer. University of Utah Health Care

Can faculty in academic medical centers really work together as teams?

Richard Krugman, M.D., first vice chancellor for health affairs for the University of Colorado Denver, says working together cans help solve the health care crisis.

Can Online Physician Reviews Provide a Better Patient Experience?

Tom Miller, M.D., chief medical officer, University of Utah Health Care, says patient engagmenet has to come from an institutional level.

Can we force the health care revolution as academic medicine leaders?

Peter Slavin, M.D., president, Massachusetts General Hospital, says AMCs need to lead in controlling health care costs.

We'll get there someday

Dr. Eric Topol Director, Scripps Translational Science Institute

How can leaders set the tone that it's ok to be an innovator and to break the molds of tradition?

Lorris Betz, M.D., senior vice president emeritus of health sciences at the University of Utah, was named chair-elect, AAMC, says innovation must come from the top down.

What is the role of the academic medical center in addressing our nation's health care crisis?

Claire Pomeroy, M.D., M.B.A., University of California Davis, says AMCs can provide better health for all.

Why is science and the objective generation of evidence so critical for health care?

Ann Bonham, Ph.D., chief scientific officer AAMC, says we need to make research a priority for population health.

Shouldn't it be our goal to deliver health care to everyone in this nation?

Marsha Rappley, M.D., dean, Michigan State College of Medicine University, says almost all conditions and diseases are curable. So why don't we?